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Update: Forgiveness
May 30, 2020


You can undo a personal curse against someone by saying I FORGIVE JANE SMITH or I FORGIVE YOU.

A mistake in the way curses were counted has been fixed, where the count could grow stale relative to curses that had expired long ago. Unfortunately, this mistake resulted in at least one person being sent to donkeytown unfairly. I'm really sorry about this. For anyone else who was affected by this issue unfairly, please know that it was not brought to my attention until this week, and it is fixed now---you're free.

To prevent an overload of hungry and dead animal babies, domestic pigs and sheep now wait until you feed them before they have babies, so you can control the population yourself. This does make their meat more expensive in terms of feed, so you get one extra piece of meat from each to balance this. And for sheep, there's also a new feed bucket to mirror the functionality of the corn bucket.

In terms of "juice" in the Petri Puhro sense, your character now looks in the direction of your mouse (left or right) as you move it to click on things. You can easily face the person you are talking to, and it generally makes everyone feel more alive.

Tap-out gradients for oil and water now include diagonal versions, making it easier than ever to find your way to the source of the tap-out (the oil or water well that dried up the site you're looking at).

After a bunch of complaints about untenable Eve locations (where all wild resources are stripped bare), I've changed the way Eve placement works to make sure that it always happens a bit to the west of the farthest-west active homeland. Before, the Eve grid marched at a fixed rate, regardless of how fast civilization was expanding, meaning that it often fell behind and placed Eves right in the thick of things.
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