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Update: Zero Known Bugs
May 23, 2020


Finally got through the whole list of reported issues. There's now a lovely count of zero outstanding reports on both the code and data repositories.



Beyond that (and because of all the very helpful reports), the game is in a pretty good place right now. Most of the systems, like property, leadership, and YUM chains are more useful, and therefore more widely used, than ever before. The challenge of managing collective resources to survive is ever-present, even in advanced villages. Even more important, that challenge is constantly changing, as the situation in each village shifts over time. There's very often something important to do that will actually help your village survive---and the choices you make along the way actually matter. The promise of each life being a unique story is closer to being delivered than ever before.

The big things to notice this week is that you can get an arrow to your top leader with the /LEADER command, and a new /UNFOLLOW command is available in case you're too young to utter the necessary phrase. Speaking of being too young, the speech length curve (which grows with age) has been tweaked quite a bit, giving you more speech length much earlier in life. You now gain a ton of speech length between ages 8 and 16, and gain a bit more than that by the time you reach old age.






People who are starving (less than 20 seconds left before they die of hunger) make a starving face, complete with a whimpering sound that can be seen off screen. Rail carts hold twice as much as they used to, and corner property fences auto-renew themselves when nearby fences are renewed. The car is now faster and goes much farther on a single unit of fuel. Also, a bunch of other little fixes.
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