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Update: Tunnel Light
May 2, 2020


Only 7 more reported issues remain.

At this point, I've closed nearly 1200 issues.

Big changes this week to the posse system to make it less confusing and harder to evade. Posse members don't get sick in bad biomes, and posse targets are too scared to carry anything, so they can't hop on a horse to escape. You know your posse is big enough to land a kill when the target starts whimpering in terror.

Information overload has been reduced by limiting your NEW BABY notifications to one per minute max, and only showing you VISITOR notifications for your gate when you're far from home (and also at most one per minute, max).

Donkeytown players can no longer manipulate end towers or ring the bell tower, so no more hidden d-town apocalypses.

Non-property fence gates now auto-open and close when you pass through, and never let animals wander out.

You can hook your bow on the outside of your quiver or backpack, similar to how a sword can be carried.

Potatoes harvest has been overhauled to waste less iron in digging. Property fences cure more quickly and are less fiddly to build. And a bunch of other little fixes, which you can see here: https://github.com/jasonrohrer/OneLifeData7/commits/
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