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Update: Table It
March 6, 2020


Someone observed that you can't put plated omelettes on the table, which is weird. Of course, no plated food is containable, because you can't shove it in a backpack or storage box---it's a plate of food, after all. The table is also implemented as a container, which means that plated food couldn't go on the table. Up until this point, an object was either containable or not, and beyond that, the only granularity was the required container slot size. Tables and storage boxes can store larger items than backpacks and baskets, for example. But there was no way to say, "plated foods can only be stored on the table."

This week, I added a named tag system for containable items that can only go in certain types of containers. All the plated foods are containable, but earmarked to only be containable on the table. This new property was added to 39 objects, so there's now a huge variety of new table-top items.

This feature can also be used in the future for other special types of containable items.

Let there be green paint and green walls.

Behold, a much-needed Dung Box.

May you plant sapling cuttings directly from your shears.

May letter stock be three times more plentiful.

And several other fixes.

Still working my way through the list of reported issues. Only 108 left.
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