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Update: Bottle It
January 9, 2020


Still working my way through this list of issues:


Some of the issues provide inspiration about obvious holes in the game's content space. This week, I fleshed out bottles, which had previously only been used for wine. Now they're used for almost every liquid and powder in the game. Wall shelves were fleshed out too, to go along with this, so now colored walls can have shelves too. Colored wall shelves full of colorful bottles.

More bottles means you're going to need more glass, and Tarr pointed out that glasswort was the current bottlneck there (bottleneck, see what I did there?). Now you can cultivate glasswort, but of course, it's a desert-loving plant. And yes, in real life, glasswort doesn't grow in the desert, but instead along the edges of brackish bodies of water. We don't have a beach or salt marsh in the game yet, though, so we can at least imagine that our desert is an ancient sea bed.

Fleeing rabbits now avoid floors when digging their new holes.

Together, all these changes resulted in 138 new objects, most of them varying states of the 18 new types of bottles. But yeah, that's a lot of new bottles.
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