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Update: Fixes Continue
January 4, 2020


Still plowing through this list, with only 168 more to go:


Some of the fixes this week involved quite a bit of new content, as I fleshed out the dye possibilities for knitted clothing and roses, and patched some gaps in hat decorations. Over 135 new things, but most of them are the result of combinatorial explosion (red hats with blue roses and blue hats with red roses). Regardless, there's a lot more visual variety in clothing now.

Tables are useful for storing a few things even when you're not feasting, way stones no longer block movement, grapes can be removed, and a bunch of things that weren't containable are now containable. Rabbit holes can be dug up. You can no longer dump fresh water back into a water source, so there's no more confusing situation where you gain or lose a unit of water by doing that. Drunkenness has been refined a bit and clarified with a blushing emote.

The little photo icons in the family tree are back, for anyone starring in a photo. A few cases of spurious tool learning have been fixed (you no longer learn the knife when taking it apart, for example).

And most exiting of all: another cause of the bouncing-forever (wild bug appeared) has been found and fixed. Hopefully, that's the last one (this mysterious issue has been lurking for more than a year now, it seems).

I gird my loins to plunge back into that list of 168 and make another dent next week.
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