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Update: Strange Visitors
November 1, 2019


Off-screen speech is now shown on the bottom, left, and right of the screen, not just the top. When you are targeted by a killer or posse, you can tell that they're coming for you by the double-! for their off-screen sounds (posses coming for other people have single-! for their off-screen sounds). You now GASP when targeted, along with making the usual shocked face.

The kill-target swapping bug has been fixed, and the waiting time before landing a kill has been increased from 3 seconds to 6 seconds, giving your victim more warning.

Babies are now truly helpless for the first 12 seconds of life.

Springs and tarry spots are now on the same 40x40 grid of ley lines, so they're both plentiful and easy to find. Tarry spots now use a similar area-based tap-out mechanism. After tap-out, dried springs and tarry spots provide gradient directional pointers to help you find any well along that ley line.

The jumpiness of genetic scores has been reduced by around 4x. This makes it harder to climb to the top, but easier to stay there once you get there. After around 100 offspring have been factored in, your genetic score very closely approximates the average lifepan off you and all your offspring, and players of different offspring-preservation proficiency are cleanly differentiated by score (before, the scores were so jumpy that there was a lot of score overlap between players at different proficiency levels). Mothers and grandmothers now count toward your own genetic score, closing the matricide genetic score exploit.
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