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Update: More Fixes
July 6, 2019


Another week spent plowing through the long list of player-submitted bugs and issues. Thank you all for your tireless work in tracking these things down and reporting them to me, and please keep the reports coming.

The biggest gameplay fix is for off-screen murders. You could always hear the off-screen scream, and all sounds in the game are directional, but even with good stereo headphones, there's no way to differentiate north from south. Now certain sounds that occur off-screen produce a visible, directional marker. Currently, this is used only for murder sounds, but it might be expanded to other important sounds in the future.

Next, items can be swapped in full containers, which is a huge convenience improvement.

Finally, a bunch of small fixes. You can now carry sterile pads in the medical apron---it has a separate pocket that expands to keep them isolated from whatever else you're carrying in the main pocket. Rubber trees can be cultivated. Popcorn bowls, and a bunch of other dry bowl items, can be contained. A bunch of more advanced steel items can now be scrapped for recycling, and scrapping is now a two-step process, to prevent the destruction of valuable steel items by accident. Dog aging makes more sense. Threshed wheat piles decay after 30 minutes to reduce clutter. You can no longer build floors and roads on top of existing floors and roads.

There will not be an update next week, because I'm traveling to Taiwan to speak at the Taipei Game Developers Forum:


When I return, I'll be focusing on getting through the rest of the list of player-submitted bugs and issues, and then adding some new characters.

If you notice anything in the game that's broken or doesn't make sense, please report it. You can report content-related issues here:


And code-related issues here:

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