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Update: Pump Overhaul
May 5, 2019


Problem: The longer-term pacing and difficulty of food production in an established village is supposed to be controlled by the development of higher tech water sources as the lower-tech sources run out. However, given that lower tech water sources are built on dry pond sites, and the number of ponds in a given area isn't strictly limited, many villages can get by for way too long on lower tech water sources, which undercuts the the tension and dramatic arc in these villages. Any good Eve will seek out such a location before founding a village, which means that every long-term village faces the same kind of challenge stagnation. Furthermore, the medium-tech water sources never run out, making the highest tech water source unnecessary long-term.

Solution: Wells can only be dug on natural spring sites, not ponds, and these natural spring sites are distributed evenly across the map. It's now impossible to have a town center with multiple wells clustered together. And medium-tech water sources now run out eventually, making the highest-tech source necessary long-term.

You now see the age of a grave when mousing over it. A few other bugs have been fixed, too.

Finally, forum member Clown Baby has done the heavy lifting to get a cool "time machine" server up and running, which will take you all the way back to how the game was when it launched back in February 2018. No bears. No snow. No names. No death stagger. No Eve Spacing. It looks like the same game on the surface when you first log in....

Details on how to connect to this Time Machine server are posted here:

[Link][3 Comments]

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