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Gigantic updates in v28 and v29
July 22, 2017

Three weeks of 10+ hour days have paid off in a gigantic update that addresses every major issue that arose in playtesting. There are only a few new bits of content in there, but some big changes in the way that the existing content functions.

The biggest change is the new recipe hint system, which shows you what's possible with what you're holding or what you just clicked on. It's a local step in the tech tree that helps you figure out what you can do next. Did you know you can do 26 different things with that sharp stone you're holding?

Food has been changed to stack in your food meter, like it does in most games, but food has also been changed so that wild food sources run out in the short term. No more infinite berry bushes. This is supposed to be a hard survival game, but the tedium of having to live constantly on an almost-empty stomach is gone. You can fill up on any wild food source to buy time, but every time you do, you come closer to long-term starvation as the wild supplies run out.

You now get a message when you die explaining what killed you.

Oh, and something sane happens now if you ever reach the edge of the world.... in 17 real-life years of continuous walking.

Behind the scenes, there are major changes to what's possible in the editor in terms of abstract object categories and objects that can be used a certain number of times before running out (the new berry bush is an example).

If you've been waiting to dive back into playtesting, now's the time.

Full list of changes here:



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