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Update: High Society
April 6, 2019


This update is mostly about one thing: New clothing, and lots of it.

But there are also a few key fixes under the hood. Your family's last name is remembered, even if your mother doesn't give you a name. So later, if you name your own child, they will get that "invisible" last name passed on to them. This will make family trees more coherent, with a last name shared by every named person in the tree. No more lost family names over time.

Even cooler is the new grave-mouse-over feature, which now works for all graves, not just graves for people who died in your lifetime. Family history is now apparent directly inside the game, when you visit the family grave yard. To make this work, the server remembers everyone who ever lived, and keeps a new database of grave positions for each of those people. To prevent this from growing indefinitely, people get "forgotten" after a week, or when the server restarts, and the grave position database is flushed at server startup. But if your family has been around for a while, you will see a lot of family history on the ground.

In other news, community member Futurebird has created a survey for players, which you can find here:


Here are the results:


There most likely won't be an update next week---I'm scheduled to be on vacation with my family.
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