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Update: Turkey Hunt
November 22, 2018


Yes, this update is a bit obvious. It's Thanksgiving tomorrow in the US. But separate from that, the turkey is a majestic animal.

The wattle! The snood! The caruncles! The beard! What other animal, of feather or fur, has facial anatomy more distinguished or beautiful than the turkey? Furthermore, it is a true native of our new world. An American original. Imagine what the early European settlers must have thought when they first laid eyes on it.

To prevent turkeys fighting over who has the longest, reddest, and most engorged snood, farmers often desnood the turkey chicks at a young age. That sounds like a barbaric practice to me. There will be no desnooding in this game, at least not yet, because turkeys cannot even be domesticated. They are wild turkeys, thank you very much, and you just can't pin a wild turkey down long enough to desnood it. Maybe someday, a future update will feature domestication, desnooding, and the all-important Presidential Pardon.

The only other content change involves yellow fever. Getting bitten multiple times will no longer auto-kill you, but will instead just extend the duration of your illness. The side-effects of the illness have also been adjusted to reduce the chances of survival without help from friends. You're sick. They need to nurse you back to health. This should help balance the Jungle a bit more.

Those of you who have been having trouble with mouse cursor alignment on ultrawide displays will now hopefully find that the problem has been fixed. On such displays, I now hide the system mouse pointer, which is off, and draw an emulated mouse pointer at the true click location. This emulated pointer can also be scaled to your heart's content from the SETTINGS screen, which also should be helpful for low-vision and high resolution users.

You can now access your personal family trees, which will open in a web browser, from a button on the main menu screen. No more typing your email or logging in via Steam to access your lineage page.
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