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Update: Plaster and Paint
October 26, 2018


Plaster is cheap, but pigments are a bit harder to come by. Except for yellow. That one is easy, but oh so cruel. Outlawed in 1908, in fact. Have you ever noticed that mangoes make your mouth itch a little bit? Now imagine being force-fed the leaves!

And yes, I suspect that I'm one of the only game designers in the world who, upon deciding to add wall paints to my game, realized that I would also need to add mango trees. That leads me to ask: where would this game be without Wikipedia? There's an information rabbit hole lurking around every corner.

Steam integration seems to be up and running smoothly. When this update went out, the Steam client fetched and installed it (with a bit of automated goading on my part). The plan is to get one more content update out the door next week before Steam launch week. I also have a nice fat queue of GitHub bug reports to go through. Thank you, and keep 'em coming, folks.
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