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Update: Emotion
September 28, 2018


This week's update contains a few little fixes, but the main focus of the update is a new emotion system. The available emotions are currently:


More will be added in the future.

I'm also busily preparing to release One Hour One Life on Steam. The game is in a good place, and I think it's ready for a larger audience. Preparing for Steam is quite a bit of work, especially for a multiplayer game, and I expect this process to take a few weeks. In the mean time, I'll still be putting out weekly updates, but they will be on the smaller side.

After the game launches on Steam, all players will continue playing together on the same servers. The game will continue to be sold off-Steam, and your non-Steam game accounts will keep working as usual. Everyone who bought the game off-Steam will get a free Steam key to unlock the game on Steam---but this is optional.

The only down-side to a Steam release is the division of the game's community. There will be Steam forums, and in my experience, Steam users don't like to leave Steam and join external forums. So discussion about the game will be split into two places.
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