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Update: Dogs and Donkeys
September 14, 2018


Are you a pie gobbler? Tool hider? Seed thrower? Forest chopper? Congratulations! You just won an all-expense paid trip to Donkey Town. There, you will find a paradise where you and your fellow pie gobblers can gobble each other's pies for hours of endless, giddy enjoyment.

There will also be dogs. Too many dogs, from early reports. Not just in Donkey Town, but everywhere. Did you ever read the book "Go Dog. Go!" by P. D. Eastman? We're talking more dogs than that, even. Perhaps we will add "dog-overbreeder" to the list, and you can hop on that train to Donkey Town with the rest of them.

The clicking user interface for the backpack, when you're holding food in your hand, has been improved. Left-clicking on the pack puts food into the pack, right-click swaps the food with the bottom item in the pack, and left-clicking on yourself causes you to eat the food.
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