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Update: Friends and Strangers
September 8, 2018


I have returned from my family vacation, and I've brought you home an update.

First, two new characters, from two new skin tones.

Then loads of bug fixes and little improvements. You can now right-click to swap what you're holding with items in your backpack. Some glitches in baby naming have been fixed. At least one cause of the bouncing-forever bug has been found and fixed. Flying objects, when you pick something up and then immediately walk away, have been fixed to snap right to you as soon as you start moving. You can no longer steal backpacks from old people by swapping their pack with another pack.

Finally, last week, you may have experienced a few deadly "lag waves," where everyone on the server freezes for 30+ seconds, and then suddenly the connection comes back. Depending on hunger status at the time of the temporary outage, a whole village could potentially be wiped out. I traced this issue to some kind of networking problem with my hosting provider. They investigated, and decided to perform an emergency migration of Server1 to a different hardware node. Hopefully, the problem should be fixed.
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