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Update: Twins
July 14, 2018


You want to play with friends.

But how can you do that without subverting the entire premise of the game? This is a game about being born as the helpless baby of a total stranger, and depending on that stranger for your survival. It's also about playing a small part in a family of strangers. You didn't know your mother in real life before you were born, and that's what makes her so special. Imagine if your mother was really your college roommate in disguise, and you knew it. Imagine if your mother talked to you over voice chat, and she sounded just like your college roommate.

But you want to play with friends. There's only one solution here, and I never said it was going to be pretty.

How can you play with friends and yet still be born as a helpless baby of a total stranger? Only if you and your and your friends are ALL born as helpless babies to the same total stranger. Twins. Triplets. Quadruplets.

If you act like you've known each other since before birth, you have---you shared a womb together, after all. To others in the game, you almost seem to read each other's minds. And you look identical. And your poor mother---one baby is hard enough. It's not easy being a twin.

Also, a bunch of little bugs have been fixed along the way.
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