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Update: Curses
July 6, 2018

griefers.... Griefers! GRIEFERS!!!

Yes, you can kill them, just like in real life, but there's one little wrinkle: this game has reincarnation. Thus, you may be dogged by one wayward soul life after life after life. You just can't seem to get rid of them. Even if everyone in your village agrees, you're helpless, long-term, to deal with this handful of trouble-makers.

A metaphysical problem needs a metaphysical solution: The brand new curse system.

Everyone starts out with a curse score of zero and a single curse token to spend. They spend their token by saying CURSE JOHN SMITH. Mr. Smith's curse score goes up by one.

If you have no curse token, you earn another one after playing/living for two hours. You have a max of one token.

If you have a curse score, it goes down by one point after playing/living for one hour.

If Mr. Smith's curse score ever reaches 10, he will be born into his next life marked with inverse-color speech bubbles.

And yes, cursing is done by name, so unique baby names are more important than ever. If two people share a name, the one that received the name first gets the curse point. And nameless people cannot be referred to by name. Name your babies, people.

Also in this update, along with few fixes, is a new home arrow distance estimate if the home arrow (or bell tower) is more than 1000 tiles away. And the tutorial has been updated with a few new things.... even veteran players might want to take another look at it, especially past the end area.
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