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Update: Tutorial
June 30, 2018

If you bounced off the game in the past because it was too hard to figure out, this is a great time to give it another shot.

This week's update brings a brand new tutorial.

This has always been a game that just throws you right in there, and that will remain the case, so don't worry. The tutorial mostly explains the nuances of the controls and systems. There are a lot of little things that just aren't explained anywhere else. Some of these things are lost on veteran players.

Also added, and explained in the tutorial, is the new crafting-hint filter feature. If you want to make a hatchet, for example, you can cull down the hint list to show only steps that are relevant along the way to the hatchet. This greatly reduces the "sharp stone does 46 things" problem, and should allow pretty much everyone to be able to figure out the final crafting challenge at the tail end of the tutorial.

You have to get through the tutorial, and solve that last crafting challenge, to actually play the game, so I'm really betting the farm on this one. At least you'll know that if a baby is born to you in-game, that player is not totally clueless.

This new filter system also just might make wikis and other external crafting guides unnecessary, but we'll see how it goes.

A bunch of little content issues have been fixed. Committing murder now "counts" as living a full time block in a family line, just like being a victim of murder does. Griefers can no longer kill and then suicide before 30 minutes elapse to come back at the same family again. The lineage ban has been upped to 1.5 hours of life lived in other lines before returning to a given family line.
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