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Update: Emergency Medicine
June 23, 2018


This week's update ushers in a major change to the core of the game: wounds are no longer guaranteed to be fatal.

But hold on a second, don't equip that health pack just yet. Performing emergency surgery on yourself is harder than it sounds. Better done with the help of a friend.

And this is why wound recovery does not immediately aid a lone griefer. There is safety in numbers.

If you're dreaming of armor and a backpack full of medical syringes as a means of solo self defense, you might want to consider what happens when a griefer gets their hands on the same load-out.

On a completely unrelated note: there are now pigs.

Next week, I'll be working on a much-needed tutorial to explain some of the more subtle features to new players.

And before I hear any grumbling about war crimes and my use of a red cross, this is an artistic work of fiction. The Geneva Conventions were never intended to apply.
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