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Update: Good Eating
June 15, 2018


There's now a good reason to eat all sorts of delicious foods, instead of just mono-gorging the most efficient and convenient food. Omelettes and tacos and kraut and stew. And even more reason to share food and meals than there ever was before, and hopefully a good reason to have a village chef that might coordinate all of this for you. Tuesday is taco night.

This update adds a YUM mechanic, which gives you a bonus for feasting with a long chain of food variety. The more variety you eat, the better you feel. So let's eat beans for every meal! Er... yeah, so plain bean tacos do get a little boring. Future updates will add some toppings to spice things up, and maybe even some slow-cooked carnitas. Get your limed corn ready, people.

Some of the more fiddly and plentiful seeds can now be stored in bowls, and a new domesticated animal sneaked in there too.
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