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Update: Big Farm
June 9, 2018


With most of the post-launch growing pains behind us, I was freed up this week to spend all most all of my time on content. There's a lot of new stuff in there, mostly concerning expanded gardening and things you can make with the products of that gardening.

A few of the end-products are personally meaningful to me---things that my family has been making every year for many years, with all most all of the real-life steps in place. In fact, I just ate some of our red-cabbage sauerkraut during my lunch break today.

Oh, and if you've ever tried to cut up a hubbard squash, you know that a kitchen knife isn't going to do the job. The first time I saw one of these monsters in person, many years ago, I felt like I was looking at something straight out of Star Wars. One of the strangest looking edible fruits around.

If you're paying close attention, you will also notice that the days of berry farm utopia are coming to an end, with berries now requiring soil, just like every other crop. However, soil has become both more plentiful and easier to move around. I'm still trying to design new foods in the game so that everything has its niche, but that approach will only take us so far. I envision 100s of unique foods in this game eventually, and I'm currently tinkering with new mechanics that will motivate a varied diet in a simple, straight-forward way (no, it's not a tedious nutrition system, don't worry).
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