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Update: Small Farm
June 1, 2018

This week's update lays the groundwork for the Big Farm update that is coming next week.

The biggest content additions this week are corn farming, a straw hat, and a high-capacity source of sewing thread from wool.

But the underlying resource systems have been given a complete overhaul.

Water sources now have a fixed, low refill rate, and emptying any source to the bottom is inconsequential, but higher and higher tech water sources have larger and larger capacity. With a deep well and a bucket, water can now be moved 10 units at a time. Moving large quantities of water around is way more efficient, if you reach that level of technology. Wells must be built on top of natural water sources, making cisterns much more useful for on-site water storage far away from a well site. Wells now have a visual indication of how full they are, so you know when you need to start building a new one.

Soil is now a necessary, consumed ingredient for all farming activities, which means it's easier to balance the value of various foods now and in the future (carrots no longer have a huge leg up, because they consume soil too). This has been balanced by making natural soil much more plentiful, and compost much more productive. Tilling is now needed to work soil into the ground instead of to re-work a hardened carrot row.

These changes pave the way for even more advanced water sources and soil fertility technology in the distant future, but also for farming of other, balanced food types in the immediate future.

As promised, blue roses are in there too.
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