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Update: What Grave is This?
May 18, 2018

I spent quite a bit of time this week improving the family tree browser. Cause of death, including animals and murder, is now in place, along with a display of the oldest-known ancestor at the top of every family tree page, and a display of the deepest-generation descendants at the bottom of every family tree page. Thus, you can bookmark your character's page and return to it later to see how far your descendants have gotten.

In-game, the biggest change this week is that graves of known people now display their name and relationship when you mouse over the grave. This only works for undisturbed graves, and only for people who were alive during your lifetime. Bone piles don't count after they are moved, so leave Grandma's bones alone, please.

Another fix: Ancient stone floors now hug walls properly.

But the other big thing going on this week is a bug hunt, as described in detail here:


You may not realize it, but every game of OHOL that you play is being quietly recorded in a compact, text-only format in your recordedGames folder. Copy one of these files into your playbackGame folder and launch the game. Like magic, you can watch a ghost version of you play the game exactly as you played it before, with all server events fully simulated. This is not a video, but instead a frame-by-frame simulation of all events that occurred, such as keyboard and mouse input.

Turns out that this bug hunt unearthed a bug in recorded times values in these game recordings, which has now been fixed. Should you encounter this "bouncing for 10 seconds" bug, your recording will hopefully capture in perfectly now.

A lot of coding this week. I'm aiming to get a larger content update out next week.
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