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Update: Family Tree Browser
May 11, 2018

The biggest change this week is the addition of an online family tree browser, which you can view here:


You can search by your email address or any character name that you can remember, and if you click on faces, you can browse up and down through the generations in the tree.

There are also a few changes to the way that families work. First of all, the client now displays Big and Little status for your siblings, and also detects the rare case of twins and identical twins for you and your siblings.

Second, babies now inherit the last monument bell that their mother heard before they were born. This bell will "echo" through the genetic mother-baby connection when the baby is 0.5 years old. Thus, trans-generational pilgrimages to distant monuments is now possible (journeys that are too long to make in one lifetime).

The way locks are displayed has been improved, with loose locks and keys labeled with A, B, C, etc., so you can keep track of what you're making. After a lock is installed, however, this label becomes invisible, so an attacker won't be able to know which key to try. I took this one step further: The server now doesn't even send the true lock object ID to the client (instead sending the ID for the generic lock), so even someone sniffing the protocol can't get unfair information about a lock. Trial and error (making all ten keys and trying each one) is still possible, of course. And if an attacker gets a hold of your key, they will be able to see which key it is. This is just like real life---take a look at your own keys, and you will see a number stamped on any master keys. My computer room door has a 43842, because it is a 5-pin lock with those pin lengths.

As you may have noticed, after a server update, all keys and locks revert to a base form. That is now displayed with a "?" in place of the letter label for clarity. Everyone who knew which lock was which is dead, and the next generation to discover the village is essentially handed some easy-to-open locks that they can re-key as they see fit.

Unlocked doors can be removed, and milkweed stumps can be removed in the same manner as berry bushes. Making the letter N no longer eats you knife, and U and C no longer fill your bowl with water.
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