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Update: A Message for the Future
May 4, 2018


There are signs. But what good are signs without letters? Think you can just type out your message with your computer keyboard? What keyboard? You're in the wilderness, friend. Letters don't just grow on trees.

When I was a kid, my father had one of those black plastic sign boards with removable white letters in the lobby of his business. When he wasn't looking, I re-arranged the letters to make the sign say something much more interesting.

Actually, this happened when I was an adult, not when I was a kid....

But how long do you really think your precious little message is going to last, knowing the kids these days? My father was not thrilled, and you will not be thrilled either.

So you gotta lock that sign. My father never thought of that. Apparently, in 35 years of running his business, he never fathomed that a bad seed like me would come waltzing through his lobby.

But there are no bad seeds in this game, so you probably don't have to worry about it. Try putting a second sign next to your first sign that says, "Please do not change the sign." Or was that "Inspect Neonatal Hedgehogs"?

Yeah, so, lock your sign, daddy-o.

And hey, since signs are containers, that means we can lock some other containers now too.
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