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Update: The Monument
April 14, 2018


If you build it...

We crossed one million lives lived inside the game this week. It's kind of mind boggling. And a group of well-coordinated players also trounced the previous lineage record of 32 generations, making it all the way up to 111 generations with the Lee family. I've posted the 111 names from the matriarch chain here.

I've tied all these trends together in this update, which includes a monument, along with quite a few other changes.

In light of the recent server performance updates, the per-server player cap has been raised.

The experience of being murdered has been dramatically improved. (Yes, that is a peculiar sentence.) It has never actually happened to me in game yet, and I hope it will never happen to you. But if it does, you'll have a small bit of time to get your affairs in order...

Long term food sustainability has been made much harder. Getting up to 30+ generations in one spot should be a pretty substantial challenge, and you won't be able to do it on carrots alone. The top has been hardened.

Short term food availability has been made a bit easier, with the addition of two more edible wild plants. But they don't grow back, and they can't be domesticated, so they don't affect the long term challenge. Being an Eve in the wilderness should be a little bit less stressful. The bottom has been softened.

And there may be one little tiny surprise in there too... the idea came to me while I was falling asleep last night... I just had to put it in.

Also, monument logging is in place server-side, but the processing and display of those logs is just a counter for now. A better monument roster will be implemented next week, assuming that it's needed. And yes, that is supposed to be a challenge.
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