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Windows read-only bug finally fixed, scheduled downtime tonight
April 11, 2018

Most important: Main website down at 10pm PST tonight (Wednesday) for maintenance.

I've finally been able to find and fix that troublesome "read-only game folder" issue on Windows. If you're having problems with this, downloading v65b for Windows from your original download link will fix it.

The problem in v65 is triggered whenever the update process includes two binary updates to the client EXE. This can happen if you take a break from the game and return to a backlog of updates. Thus, just because the update process always worked for you in the past does not mean it won't fail for you in the future. This is why the bug was so hard to find and confirm, amid thousands of "hey, it works for me," reports.

So if you ever run into a read-only issue during a future update, installing fresh from v65b should fix it for you.

Next issue: Scheduled down-time, 10pm PST today (Wednesday)

My server provider Linode has been working to patch the recently discovered Spectre vulnerability in modern CPUs. The patch requires a reboot of each server.

For the most part, this is fine for this game, because I'm running 15 game servers anyway, and I can easily take them down in batches while people continue to play.

However, the main web server, onehouronelife.com, needs to be rebooted too. Unfortunately, the home page, forums, purchase system, and client reflector are all hosted on this server. The reflector is the most mission-critical part of all this, because it's what clients talk to first to find out what game server they should go to.

And this important piece needs to go down so Linode can install the update.

The game servers will keep running, and your current lives won't be disrupted, but if you try to get reborn, you won't be able to find a new server to connect to. You can work around this outage temporarily with the "customServerAddress.ini" setting. Take a look in the forums or ask in Discord for help with this.

I plan to trigger the down-time at 10pm PST today. I'm not sure how long the patch process will take, but it could be up to two hours.

Game purchase will be unavailable during the downtime.

Hopefully, it will be way shorter than two hours.

Thanks for understanding!
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