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Update: More Fixes
July 24, 2020


I spent the week clearing up some of the reported issues that had accumulated.

The biggest change is to how killing and posses work. First of all, if you try to join a posse, but cannot for some reason, you get a DING message explaining the reason.

Next, there's a new exception to the posse and exile requirements---something like "live by the sword, die by the sword." Someone who kills becomes vulnerable to being solo killed, without being exiled or having a posse form against them, for 60 seconds (the same amount of time that they are stuck holding the non-sword murder weapon). This helps people deal with the "evil leader" problem. The current leader is the most powerful in terms of being able to exile, which means that dethroning them requires quite a bit of political willpower. If that leader goes on a unilateral killing spree, organizing collectively to de-follow them---to strip them of power---can be really difficult. One of the early ideas for justice in the game was "safety in numbers." As long as the citizens outnumber the griefers, the citizens should triumph. That idea resurfaces as we differentiate good killers from bad killers. The good ones will need to be protected by others while they are in their post-kill vulnerability state. The bad killers, who are acting alone and without the approval of the group, become fair game for everyone. The 60 second window of vulnerability is a live server setting, and may be tweaked in the future. It could be even longer than the murder weapon hold time.

Feast tables have been tweaked so that they are no longer kick-started by pumpkin pie, allowing these pies to be stored on a table without forming a feast table.

This week, I'm also kicking off a new community content feature. Congratulations to Fred Struggs, whose modern berry farm is featured in this week's VOG Shot:


I'm on vacation next week.
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