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Update: Tree Farm
September 21, 2018


People have been asking about this for a while: you can replant trees now. But trees are slow-growing things, so it's really a multi-generational project. And Bonsai---those are really slow growers.

Before this update, each server tracked curse scores separately, meaning that you could grief and get cursed into Donkey Town on one server, but then switch servers and be uncursed again. Now there's a global, centralized curse server that all the game servers share, so each player has one global curse score, regardless of which server they are playing on. If they're in Donkey Town, they're in Donkey Town on all servers.

There are a bunch of other, small content fixes. A bunch of other things, like flat rocks and paper, are now stackable.
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Update: Dogs and Donkeys
September 14, 2018


Are you a pie gobbler? Tool hider? Seed thrower? Forest chopper? Congratulations! You just won an all-expense paid trip to Donkey Town. There, you will find a paradise where you and your fellow pie gobblers can gobble each other's pies for hours of endless, giddy enjoyment.

There will also be dogs. Too many dogs, from early reports. Not just in Donkey Town, but everywhere. Did you ever read the book "Go Dog. Go!" by P. D. Eastman? We're talking more dogs than that, even. Perhaps we will add "dog-overbreeder" to the list, and you can hop on that train to Donkey Town with the rest of them.

The clicking user interface for the backpack, when you're holding food in your hand, has been improved. Left-clicking on the pack puts food into the pack, right-click swaps the food with the bottom item in the pack, and left-clicking on yourself causes you to eat the food.
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Update: Friends and Strangers
September 8, 2018


I have returned from my family vacation, and I've brought you home an update.

First, two new characters, from two new skin tones.

Then loads of bug fixes and little improvements. You can now right-click to swap what you're holding with items in your backpack. Some glitches in baby naming have been fixed. At least one cause of the bouncing-forever bug has been found and fixed. Flying objects, when you pick something up and then immediately walk away, have been fixed to snap right to you as soon as you start moving. You can no longer steal backpacks from old people by swapping their pack with another pack.

Finally, last week, you may have experienced a few deadly "lag waves," where everyone on the server freezes for 30+ seconds, and then suddenly the connection comes back. Depending on hunger status at the time of the temporary outage, a whole village could potentially be wiped out. I traced this issue to some kind of networking problem with my hosting provider. They investigated, and decided to perform an emergency migration of Server1 to a different hardware node. Hopefully, the problem should be fixed.
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Update: Written Word
August 23, 2018


You can write now.

You need to make paper first, and something to write with, of course. And like little Cupid, you can now send someone a Valentine message by air mail.

There are also a bunch of things that are now stackable that weren't before, like kindling, ore, and dishes.

After 24 weeks of updates, I'm off on vacation. There will be no update next week.
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Update: Roads and Rails
August 18, 2018


New transportation systems. Roads and rails.

I've also reduced the distance in the Eve spreading algorithm by a factor of two, so it should be more realistic to travel between towns and connect them with roads.

One more update, next week, and then I'm taking a much needed family vacation for a few weeks. There have been weekly updates for 22 weeks in a row at this point.
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