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#2 Re: Main Forum » The OHOL realism of her life! Jason could get ideas from her channel! » 2019-06-27 16:23:59

i knew it was liziqi before I even clicked

My friend/person i kiss really likes her channel, surpisingly nice content for a date

#3 Re: Main Forum » Thoughts on baskets » 2019-05-30 00:36:22

Honestly this is valid to everything in ohol, we're sorely lacking variation in all aspects of the game. Alternate pathways to the same items is a cheap fix that solves nothing.

And we wonder why the game loop gets boring in the endgame.

#4 Re: Main Forum » Thoughts on baskets » 2019-05-30 00:31:23

jasonrohrer wrote:

The complaint with straw was that it produced wheat, right?  Right?

The complaint is depending on baskets and boxes as our only storage

Jason, stop trying to evoke hidden meaning when we ask something, "I want tables" means exactly I want tables. Now you're going back on decay, even despite the whole logic behind adding it?

Consistency to bowls is awesome but we DO want other forms of storage, we DO want decay mechanics, we DON'T want fixes in what isnt broken.

#5 Re: Main Forum » Thoughts on baskets » 2019-05-30 00:03:20

drawing a fucking barrel must be too hard

I'm checking github and literally no one asked for this.

#6 Re: Main Forum » 66 more bowls are now containable in storage boxes » 2019-05-29 23:29:26

awesome, but i hope we get new storage tech too, specially furniture

#7 Re: Main Forum » Only 97 Eves today (1% instead of the old 10% of lives) » 2019-05-29 19:44:42

jasonrohrer wrote:

Well, yeah, of course if you walk away, you're not starting your own fresh line.

But obviously, if ever player started their own fresh line, there'd be 100 concurrent lines, and it would never work.

So we simply cannot allow every player to start their own line, nor can we allow players to decide to be Eve.

This is the hidden reason why established lines were dying out, I think.  You are competing with 15 other lines for babies.

I actually agree

#8 Re: Main Forum » Only 97 Eves today (1% instead of the old 10% of lives) » 2019-05-29 18:17:41

jasonrohrer wrote:

I've never quite understood this "sick of this family" thing.

If you want a fresh start, just walk away after you're grown up and pretend to be Eve.

Go back to the land.

its a bit boring to do that because kids rarely stay with pseudo-eves.

I'd love to see forming new settlements as a meta though.

I think its also because the wilds arent particularly interesting in the game yet, so exploring is kinda meh.

#9 Re: Main Forum » STOTRAGE UPDATE » 2019-05-29 18:13:28

FeignedSanity wrote:

I'd prefer trash over decay. Let us make the choice if something should be disposed of. Stuff just vanishing into the ether might be a little easier, but that just seems lazy. Just let us throw more stuff away. #maketrashpitsgreatagain tongue

its not easier, food decay for example forces people to make storage if they want to increase production

It makes no sense to throw away valuable food but it decaying does

#10 Re: Main Forum » STOTRAGE UPDATE » 2019-05-29 17:26:19

futurebird wrote:

Well if jason can't add better storage tech I'll take stacking. I don't see the harm in using the crock to store more things too. Why can't it be filled with flour? why does baking have to take up so much storage space?

This is a simple change you are trying to fix deeper issues in the game which is fine, but I just want to stop drowning in clutter and having nothing to do to fix it. A table would be fine but it won't solve the issue with grain.

Decay would help with grain, but I'm not running around playing with dozens of bowls just to save the grain. That just isn't fun. Being able to be organized and bake a bunch of pies *is* fun. So if we get decay it need to be balanced with better storage for the items that decay.

Something as simple as making meat decay if not stacked would be wonderful. Or make a whole new host of items I don't really care. I just want the mess gone.

Yeah, i dont disagree with any of that, specially decay.

but furniture and new items like tool racks, barrels and tables should Also exist.

Clutter absolutely sucks and both decay and storage tech help with that AND helps resource contingency in general.

Decay + storage tech is what i've been asking for since forever

#11 Re: Main Forum » STOTRAGE UPDATE » 2019-05-29 16:46:25

futurebird wrote:

I don't see how simply having more things stack would hurt anything!

it closes design space for storage tech

sure, some stuff should stack by itself but if all is easy we have no reason to progress tech. Survival game, remember.

#12 Re: Main Forum » STOTRAGE UPDATE » 2019-05-29 16:09:37

FeignedSanity wrote:
Booklat1 wrote:
FeignedSanity wrote:


Thats where you're actually incorrect. Try spamming milk one life and watch closely for people drinking it. Or even stew, check how many different people eat it.

New players learn berries and can easily see pies and carrots are edible. Bowl foods? Not so much.

But wouldn't this simply be a matter of education? And wouldn't they have to learn that "food is in the pantry" just as much as they would need to learn "you can drink milk". .

It is a matter of education which is why an item that displays food is a good tool to teach people. But dont overthink it, food isnt pantry, berry fields are everywhere and you'll only see tables in developed towns. Not having a horse doesnt stop noobs from recognizing a car as a vehicle.

#13 Re: Main Forum » Please, read my suggestion. » 2019-05-29 16:04:34

paulof wrote:

Don't underestimate the new players, they may have really good ideas.

ever heard of lurk moar?

I'm not underestimating you ffs but after months seeing these threads here, and how broken stuff that comes from it can be, im fairly certain we get to advice caution.

Its never fun when jason adds a broken feature that takes a month to fix and become only kinda less broken. Its not even his fault, mostly this stuff is hard to balance and implement and easy af to implement.

which was my main point that you skipped over. Its not about something being exploitable, all is exploitable, the issue is locking players is an exploit that only harms good players. Griefers quit when they cant kill a line and good players stay because they want to help. See how degenerate this is?

#14 Re: Main Forum » STOTRAGE UPDATE » 2019-05-29 15:51:00

FeignedSanity wrote:
Booklat1 wrote:
FeignedSanity wrote:


I disagree enormously. A dining table adds to aesthetics and actually functions as a food display, allowing people to see those items as food.

I suppose it might very well be more aesthetically pleasing, but just seems unnecessary. Also, I don't think people need help seeing stuff as food. I don't see very many times where someone would go "I guess that apple isn't food, because it's not in the pantry or on the dining table". Food is food no matter where it is stored?

I get the aesthetic thing, but aside from that?

Thats where you're actually incorrect. Try spamming milk one life and watch closely for people drinking it. Or even stew, check how many different people eat it.

New players learn berries and can easily see pies and carrots are edible. Bowl foods? Not so much.

#15 Re: Main Forum » STOTRAGE UPDATE » 2019-05-29 15:41:03

FeignedSanity wrote:
Dodge wrote:

Issue with baskets in box is you have to remove the basket then remove the item from the basket and finally put the basket back in the box.

So having storage that you couldnt put baskets in but would have 6-8-10-12+ slots would be much better, dont need a 100 slot container.

It could even be specific storage for different items, like a pie stand, barrels to put corn, tomatoes, peppers etc. A tool box to put all the small mechanical pieces like fuel nozzle, piston, steel valve etc.

A closet to put clothes in or even a hat hanger specifically for hats.


You get the idea.

It would help with organization since you would now what type of object is where.

I feel like specific storage would just add needless complexity and clutter. I think universal storage is the better alternative. I get that it's a couple extra clicks to take a basket out before you can get what you want....but it's a couple of clicks.

I disagree enormously. A dining table adds to aesthetics and actually functions as a food display, allowing people to see those items as food.

#16 Re: Main Forum » STOTRAGE UPDATE » 2019-05-29 15:39:00

Jason, decay was the best thing you did to this game. Stuff lasting forever is what makes endgame so unsatisfying. Towns full of carts with bags are 0 fun to play at, lives become 100% worthless when you have it all

#17 Re: Main Forum » STOTRAGE UPDATE » 2019-05-29 15:35:57

RodneyC86 wrote:

Ultimately I think the beef here is mainly bread not being stackable. They fill up the kitchen floor and makes pie making more difficult
If bread is more compact perhaps wheat wouldn't be a big issue

Dining table for all foods, sacks for grain, barrels, all this could be useful and fun to make ingame without breaking it.

Like seriously few adjustments on unstackable items and specialized storage would do SO MUCH for the game.
Mass storage is by no means needed nor is making everything stackable, but let us build stuff to hold our items

#18 Re: Main Forum » Vampirism » 2019-05-29 15:10:12

for a mod it would be fun

#19 Re: Main Forum » Some straightforward content, plz? » 2019-05-29 15:07:23

New characters are indeed very much needed, at least for black/ginger folks who only have 3 faces

#20 Re: Main Forum » STOTRAGE UPDATE » 2019-05-29 15:04:16

There are 3 reasons we want more storage tbh

1 baskets decay (they should, but longer-lasting options are wanted)
2 we want diverse storage, barrels for food, wardrobes for clothing, dining tables so noobs can know what is food, sacks to store/carry grain
3  yeah, there is inconsistency in what can be stored

plz, check this reddit thread compilation I made
Most ideas are for novelty, useful storage, rather than bulk storage

#21 Main Forum » Some straightforward content, plz? » 2019-05-29 04:33:48

Replies: 12

After a few weeks of heavy changes, content that only Jason and grieffers liked and actual eve hell, can we please go back to simple stuff like quality of life items, tech, and upgrading biomes/existing content?

Old and viable suggestions keep pilling here and in reddit and I think it just hurts the community to push big changes over those for extended periods of time. We got oil to matter, changed killing, languages and closer eves in one go. Lets see the results now.

Personally I think Jason should have a poll for content based updates and devote a few weeks to a theme, like storage or biomes

#22 Re: Main Forum » The update to /DIE won't stop Eve grief from being common » 2019-05-29 01:07:52

Jason, lets check eve changes before area resets plz

tbh i dont feel like stacking big changes after another is best. so much changed lately, give us some time to adapt

#23 Re: Main Forum » Please, read my suggestion. » 2019-05-28 13:28:42

RodneyC86 wrote:
paulof wrote:

I would like to say i've seen too much hate in the game, i've been killed because i did a devious face as baby, wtf. People are so afraid about griefers that they are killing everyone, doing exactly what griefers want, eves are being killed like sheeps. We have two choices, TRY to live in multicultural society as we once had, accepting our different languages, trying to learn with each other... or make swords and kill ourselves. Usually people choose the easiest decision taken by fear, and the ones turning this game in a bloody pool are ourselves.

Here is what i suggest

I've seen people talking about making prisons and people being killed unjustly, what if we could use the nets to arrest people? Once you throw the net on someone he or she wouldn't move, wouldn't starve and wouldn't have children, that could stop griefers and wouldn't allow them to simply die and grief another town and could stop people from being killed unjustly, since you are traped you can be judged. So you might say "but griefers could use the nets too", yeah, but that wouldn't kill you and someone from the village could simply free you. Or you might say "well, another griefer could simply free the traped griefer", yes, thats right, but being a student of risk management i can say it is impossible to completely eliminate risks, but it's possible to soften them. I think it's a fair solution and easier than make prisons.

I suggested something similar in the form of shackles and was shot down from all sides, safe one or two persons.

How is a non-lethal sword more toxic than an actual lethal sword?

because this isnt real life, death = respawn

I'd rather die than get stuck with a bunch of noobs and nets.

You guys have been playing for a short while so pretty please, do as Jason should and start paying attention to when the community says something will turn terrible.

We knew cooldownless swords were insanity, fences useless and we also know locking down people makes them feel terrible.  They'll stay sometimes for the hope of being released, but griefers have 0 need to wait, they'll die if not fed and respawn. If a mechanic made to punish griefers hits normal players its not working so well.

#24 Re: Main Forum » irrelevant updates/content being made new/better » 2019-05-28 13:13:10

jasonrohrer wrote:

The thing is, I've made those pine panels in real life, and it's a ton of work.

There's an aspect of this game that is a "real maker aesthetic," and I've kept that going for most things.  Track kits are a recent exception, along with property fences.

So its ok to make things unrealisticly easy to push broken mechanics but not to balance base features?

This right here is why i abhor fences, you've literally made a tech side branch that obeys no rules that other features do while arguing you're hands tied to fix other stuff.

Buildings are still unneeded. some are even bad, but fences? They're free to be OP as fuck because "mah property"

honestly, it seems like having people rip off your game is what even sparked this whole mechanic into existance

Dont get me wrong, panels shouldnt be super cheap but neither should fences

#25 Re: Main Forum » Ideas to start in-game trade » 2019-05-27 22:39:59

adding currency without allowing the game to actually develop trade by itself is a horrible idea. Do you know what people will do with vending machines? block them. And good luck unblocking YOUR vennding machine with a town's pick

trade precedes money, and all money is worthless in a system that can easily produce it

Jason has stuck in his head that him gathering berries from his neighbor is a simple barter and that we'll see it in game. What he and people here don't realize is that business model is hardly viable without banks, without him being paid by credit card when people buy games. Sure we don't need people starving all time for them to buy food in game but trading strawberries is hardly the survival based trade that's lacking in this game. Even items like iron ores with 0 direct survival value can be traded as long as we have a currency tied to survivability. Honestly we even have that, food itself. Problems are you have nothing to buy once you're rich with food and everyone has it as well. Honestly, if game designer vs berry farmer is so viable why don't people trade card decks for berries in game?

Do we want trade to matter? make people compete for food and goods.

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