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#1 2018-04-05 14:49:37

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[BUGs] Dyes, hair, Sealfur coat and Wells

The following things seems like ther are not working as they sould.
Hopefully these can be tweaked for the beter.

- Cannot store dyes in any cart or basket.
  This is weird since the cart is way way way bigger then the plant itself.

- Wells are indestructable and can be (and already are) used for land griefing.
  exsample : someone is building a house, and someone else builds a well in his/her wall.
  now this can be solved to remove the entire house and build it again one block over, or make the pickaxe reduce wells to a pile of 10 stones again.

- The hair on the female char blocks the clickbox of the backpack for a large amount.

- Sealfur coat once equipped cannot be unequipped.
  the workaround so far is by equiping another shirt while you are wearing the sealfur coat.

Thank you for reading, hope this helps!
My apologies for any spelling errors.


#2 2018-04-07 00:57:39

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Re: [BUGs] Dyes, hair, Sealfur coat and Wells

omg THAT is what's going on with the backpack being difficult sometimes. I had not put together why that was an intermittent problem.


#3 2018-04-07 13:29:00

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Re: [BUGs] Dyes, hair, Sealfur coat and Wells

Math3vv wrote:

Sealfur coat once equipped cannot be unequipped.

The coat can be unequipped. I determined by empirical way the place where you need to press to take off your coat. Click the left mouse button behind the back of the character in the marked area in the image. But it really looks like a bug, since it seems that the area of removal is in the wrong place.
I checked it again and the coat is removed easily. It looks like this bug has already been fixed.

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#4 2018-04-14 16:31:41

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Re: [BUGs] Dyes, hair, Sealfur coat and Wells


Made dye plants containable (will be included in next update).

Seal coat was fixed a while back.

Wells are not destructable for a good reason (so that letting the well go dry has real consequences).  I'll think about it, though.


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