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#1 2018-01-01 14:57:43

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Died of old age but still spawned in a random (?) location

IIUC the "respawn near where you died if you die of old age" feature is mostly just a band-aid for the server being mostly empty for now, so maybe this isn't important, but figured I'd note it anyways.

I died of old age and came back a day or two later (after closing the client of course) and when I spawned I became an eve but it was not in my previous homestead, it was in an area I'd never seen before.

The interesting thing is that I spawned right in the middle of someone else's homestead. It made me wonder if it somehow mixed up my last spawn area and someone else's.

It would be really cool if the respawn-nearby-on-old-age-death feature was reliable though... It's difficult/impossible to get to the endgame when we keep spawning in different areas even when we're not starving or getting killed. It's also a lot easier to test multiplayer aspects of the game when the same people can keep spawning in the same place.

It's kind of a tricky thing to test because I can only check it once per hour that I'm playing, but maybe it had to do with the fact that I closed the client before spawning again? I assumed that it doesn't matter since being able to close the client is kind of essential unless you have a 5 or 6 hour block open to be able to make progress across the board.

Let me know if you need more information.


#2 2018-01-02 16:22:04

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Re: Died of old age but still spawned in a random (?) location

Yeah, it should work, even if you closed the client.

BUT... it should only work if your cause of death was really OLD AGE.  If you made it almost to the end, but starved, it won't work.

OH... and one other thing, it should only work if you yourself were Eve in that life when you got old.  So, if you were born as a baby and lived to old age, you are part of a multiplayer civ, and progress dies with you, unless you have offspring to keep it going.

The respawn location-saving really only works in a truly single-player situation.

SO.... if all those things were true, and it still didn't work.... it's a bug, and a really troubling one.

Do you have any info about exactly when this happened?  Then I can look in the server logs.

You can look at your recordedGame files (copy one to playbackGame to watch it) to figure out the timestamp.


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