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#1 2018-04-17 11:58:54

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How to Deal With Murder

I was born into a huge village. Shortly after a bear went rampaging, killing everyone he could. I hid in the carrot stockroom with the door closed until he was killed, since I was only four. Unfortunately he brought the whole town with me, everyone except the boy who had killed him, a very old lady, me and another young girl. She and I were the only fertile females. When the woman had her first baby she killed it, said it had been a griefer. I didn't believe her.
Later, when I was caring for my son and daughter, she stole my daughter and ran. I tried following her but I lost her because I needed to care for my son. So I went to the place where she had killed her own child, and sure enough, there was my daughter's body and clothes.
She was off somewhere. I had to act quickly. I grabbed a bow and sat by my daughter's body. When she came back to the spot I shot her quickly.
I had something like five more sons and two daughters. Our family line still survives today.

Post your stories of dealing with murder here.

Every time time you pick a seed carrot a penguin dies.


#2 2018-08-10 20:39:29

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Re: How to Deal With Murder

Hey Karltown I was Amira (or something along those lines) in the game. You taught me how to keep the berry bushes going because I had no idea what I was doing


#3 2018-08-11 05:11:17

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Re: How to Deal With Murder

this is so old topic, when hunger was instead heat the catalizator for pregnancy


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Re: How to Deal With Murder

Did you mean catalyst..?


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