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#1 2018-06-10 19:57:57

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vsync / graphics issue on dual graphics ASUS laptop

Hi all,

  Recent purchaser. Running on a gaming laptop with both integrated and nvidia graphics option - Windows 10. When I first ran the game, it started with the integrated graphics - reported an insane FPS, but complained about vSync. Turning vSync on doesn't seem possible with the integrated graphics, so I just played a few times with (hardly perceptible) tearing. I'm running on full screen.

When I did try to change over the the nVidia graphics chipset, the framerate dropped to around 15fps, and the game started with a red message on top saying the vSync settings have changed. The only option I had was to re-scan; this went on forever. (scan, menu, message saying vSync has changed...rescan. Repeat...)

So I just dealt with playing on the integrated graphics fine for about a week.

Lo and behold, today I go to play and the game starts to a black screen. If I alt-tab out, and back, I can kind of log in and I hear the game start (and the hungry "ding") but see no animation. If I continue to task-switch (alt-tab) I can get snippets of my life as a baby, but no animation. It's like everytime I switch out and back to the game, the frame is painted but all animations are missing.

I have to kill the program in the task manager.

I tried re-installing (just deleting the folder, and re-extracting) with no difference.

I also tried switching back to the nVidia chipset, with the same vSync mismatch infinite loop issue.

Any and all help would be greately appreciated!


#2 2018-06-10 23:23:36

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Re: vsync / graphics issue on dual graphics ASUS laptop

Its a rought world - keep dying untill you live <3


#3 2018-06-12 23:42:04

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Re: vsync / graphics issue on dual graphics ASUS laptop

So the only way I can get the game to work now is in windowed mode. No joy with the above link suggestions.

Pretty frustrating.


#4 2018-06-13 20:11:21

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Re: vsync / graphics issue on dual graphics ASUS laptop

It sounds like the game is NOT running at 60fps on the nvidia chip.... that's very strange.  That's why it's failing the fps test on the login screen.  Once it fails, and offers you the chance to re-detect, can you go to the SETTINGS screen and see what live FPS it is seeing?

Since you've not been playing with vsync on anyway, here's something for you to try.

There's a setting in the settings folder called "skipFPSMeasure," which causes it to ignore FPS mismatch on the login screen.

You can also change the countingOnVsync setting, and also the targetFrameRate setting.  You can set the target to whatever you want (23 fps, whatever) and if we're not counting on vsync, the game will sleep to achieve that frame rate.  I'd suggest 60 for the target.

Anyway, after you do this, you can still look on the SETTINGS screen and see what FPS its actually getting.

If it's not getting 60, we'd need to figure out why.  Maybe OpenGL drivers are missing for the nvidia chip?  That would mean it's rendering in software mode.

As far as the other weird behavior.... like the game rendering with no animations?  I've never heard of anything like that.  If you could shoot a video and post it to YouTube, that would be great.


#5 2018-06-14 00:23:23

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Re: vsync / graphics issue on dual graphics ASUS laptop

I'm not very computer savvy, so I don't know much honestly. But I can confirm having NVIDIA graphics card messes things up sometimes. I have a NVIDIA GeForce GT 730

If I alt tab or move the game window at all it'll automatically make me sync to detect FPS. I usually have to do it a few times. And lately my games have been starting black with a huge delay. Like I'll hear the sounds of the game and everything but my screen stays black for up to a minute sometimes.

I always play in window mode, I've never tried full screen.

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#6 2018-06-14 08:37:48

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Re: vsync / graphics issue on dual graphics ASUS laptop

optimus annoyed me a lot of times
the thing you can do is turn nvidia always on, and right click run game with high performance nvidia video mode
or select the game from drop down and add to nvidia mode
vsynch was mostly bad in most games i played and highest performance was always without vsynch, i dont really know why
other can be permissions, run in admin mode or check firewall maxi guide  Noseed … 4livestock pen 3.0
how do you recognize an advanced town? has plenty of... free tiles between items


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