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#1 Re: Main Forum » Builders challenge! : farming assembly line » 2020-07-05 07:20:48

I bump this as with the current plow and sprincles tech would be the perfect design.


#2 Re: Main Forum » Corn vs Wheat - BattleRoyal » 2020-06-25 16:42:42

Well, I meant Visual basic for applications (it's for excel) I don't know if excel is compatible with any other language.
I am a noob at coding btw so I will start with the simple stuff.

#4 Re: Main Forum » Corn vs Wheat - BattleRoyal » 2020-06-25 11:22:55

OneOfMany wrote:
miskas wrote:

lets see their Yum Rank.

I LOVE your maths. smile It will take me a bit to digest that info.

I try to keep my mind open to opinions. I kinda like the idea of corn being a bit more efficient while wheat being a bit easier. At the end of the day a Yum is a Yum.

I want to work as a data analyst, stats/optimization/analysis are my hobbies. I started to capture Ohol's data to answer a single question.

What is the most efficient way to consume our resources?
To answer this question you need to break it in 3 parts.
-Insulation (what clothes do we produce?)
-food diet ( what and how much food we produce?)
-city design (how much space do we need to produce it?)

I want to study Visual basic and I don't have time for my Ohol project.
So I could use some help if you like to do calculation in excel.
My discord is Miskas#5101 Feel free to message me.

#5 Re: Main Forum » Corn vs Wheat - BattleRoyal » 2020-06-24 22:51:37

lets see their Yum Rank.

corn    Whole Milk (1)
corn    Skim Milk (2)
corn    Popcorn (3)
corn    Chips (5)
corn    Carnitas (9)
corn    Cooked Goose (10)
Wheat:    Carrot Pie (14)
Wheat:    Rabbit Pie (19)
corn    Stew (20)
Wheat:    Mutton Pie (21)
Wheat:    Bread (22)
both    Buttered Bread (23)
corn    Chips & Salsa (25)
corn    Fresh Corn (26)
corn    Omelettes (27)
corn    Pork Tacos (29)
Wheat:    Rabbit Carrot Pie (30)
Wheat:    Berry Pie (34)
Wheat:    Carrot Berry Pie (38)
corn    Bean Tacos (39)
Wheat:    Rabbit Berry Pie (40)
Wheat:    Rabbit Berry Carrot Pie (43)
Wheat:    Tortilla (Bean Burrito) (44)

Clearly Corn wins in Yum foods.

#6 Main Forum » Raw food values, Destiny this is for you. » 2020-06-24 22:32:53

Replies: 4
3:	Gooseberry
5:	Wild Carrot
10:	Cooked Rabbit
3:	Bowl of Gooseberries
8:	Cooked Berry Pie
7:	Cooked Carrot Pie
9:	Cooked Rabbit Pie
10:	Cooked Berry Carrot Pie
16:	Cooked Berry Rabbit Pie
14:	Cooked Rabbit Carrot Pie
20:	Cooked Berry Carrot Rabbit Pie
5:	Carrot
15:	Cooked Goose
8:	Cooked Mutton
8:	Cactus Fruit
10:	Cooked Mutton Pie
7:	Burdock Root
4:	Wild Onion
1:	Psilocybe Mushroom
6:	Shucked Ear of Corn
1:	Popcorn
12:	Baked Potato
2:	Bowl of Green Beans
6:	Bowl of Sauerkraut
12:	Bowl of Stew
12:	Omelette
12:	Bowl of Cooked Beans
15:	Bean Burrito
12:	Bean Taco
10:	Bowl of Carnitas
20:	Pork Taco
5:	Bowl of Whole Milk
12:	Buttered Bread on Clay Plate
6:	Slice of Bread
3:	Bowl of Skim Milk
7:	Mango Slices
18:	Cooked Fish
7:	Banana
17:	Turkey Slice on Plate
17:	Turkey Drumstick
10:	Bowl of Turkey Broth
8:	Spoon of Ice Cream
9:	Cooked Shrimp
5:	Tomato
1:	Hot Pepper
5:	Onion
4:	Tortilla Chip
9:	Chip with Salsa
5:	French Fry
11:	French Fry with Ketchup
1:	Bunch of Cabernet Grapes
1:	Glass of Wine
9:	Sliced Pumpkin Pie
60:	Feast Plate
5:	Whole Milk Bottle
3:	Skim Milk Bottle
10:	Turkey Broth Bottle
5:	Whole Milk Pouch
3:	Skim Milk Pouch
10:	Turkey Broth Pouch
5:	Pickling Cucumber
4:	Wild Garlic
5:	Snipped Pickling Cucumber
8:	Pickle

#7 Re: Main Forum » Question about biome placement » 2020-06-22 18:42:49

reconsider Arcurus, cause Iron mines

#8 Re: Main Forum » Food Discussion » 2020-06-21 20:32:09

I am happy people find my table useful, I will add Pickles as well, cucumbers are already there.

Destiny look at the Food worksheet tab at cell C1 (Bonus). in that cell, I input the generation degradation. I have set it to -4 cause I was thinking that it's is the max. Seeing Jason's quote state that the max is -5 caught me by surprise. I actually also look at the discord updates but I only found this reference. … 1f5d838e9b

I will make a duplicate file here for you to edit the bonus cell and the yum diet at your will.

#9 Re: News » Update: The Pickle » 2020-06-20 17:09:37

Next update: Buffalo Burger with Pickles and caramelised onions.

#10 Re: Main Forum » Appears global fitness going down... » 2020-06-08 16:56:23

whats the bug with Eve spawns? has anyone report on it?

#11 Re: Main Forum » Straw Poll Time! » 2020-06-07 07:08:25

LOL, none likes the Blacks, Black lives matter people tongue
They get horses and free unlimited food. (blacks taking welfare even in games)
I am surprised that none likes them, they are a good race (game-wise)

#12 Re: Main Forum » Pig pen idea - free piglets » 2020-06-04 04:49:32

if you do it far enouph then it wont used by people. 
I would make it above Corn farm next to a butcher space/Taco factory.

PS: There is no reason to keep Pigs alive, transfer them near the taco factory, and kill them right away. leave the corpses there so they function as meat storage. remove bones when empty.

#13 Re: Main Forum » Pig pen idea - free piglets » 2020-06-03 11:14:00

Thank God there is another one pleyer who thinks we need this. Did people killed your boars ? They killed mine twice.

This design is 100% safe , no noob will be killed and needs no maintenance (replace property fence with proper fence let only the property gates to prevent noobs to enter. )

#14 Re: Main Forum » Interesting experience tried to get rid of an evil leader » 2020-06-02 16:31:37

fug wrote:

No, a kid can't be used to join a posse lol.

Oh, this is an issue tongue Someone open this plz tongue

#15 Re: Main Forum » Interesting experience tried to get rid of an evil leader » 2020-06-01 16:57:55

well it depends! Can you join a Posse by holding a kid? XD

#16 Re: Main Forum » Interesting experience tried to get rid of an evil leader » 2020-05-31 23:58:36

Arcurus wrote:

By the way, do you know how far a bow can currently kill? Is it the hole view range with zoom? Or is there a limit?

Not sure but I think it has 7 tiles Kill range and 12 tiles pose initiation.

The thing I know for sure is that when I run diagonally 1 person cant kill me with a bow. (I use WASD movement and I run immediately when posse starts)

#17 Re: Main Forum » Interesting experience tried to get rid of an evil leader » 2020-05-31 21:37:45

there was a time the leader was killing people and I though He was evil.

Without even checking or giving a second thought to investigate further what happened I run to two people.
I said "I follow myself" , then "Follow me if you want live" , "Say I follow you"

both followed me immediately.  the leader didn't proceed killing more people but yeah if he did we had a nice start.
I would do that any time, better safe than sorry.
Arcurus just form a second hierarchy first before you understand whats is happening.
Running to a murderer unarmed and say to his face hey I saw you what you did, is not a good survival strategy, better call the police while hiding.

#18 Re: Main Forum » Thank you so much for curse forgiveness. » 2020-05-31 15:46:22

yeap Forgiveness is very nice just used it twice today.
I Just forgave a person who I saw he was helping the town.  Was that you?

#20 Re: Main Forum » Breeding pens , use responsibly. » 2020-05-31 12:24:51

well, they Killed it again, People have Bobo PTSD I guess.


#21 Re: Main Forum » Breeding pens , use responsibly. » 2020-05-31 11:43:24

Who was the guy who killed my boar, I forgot to ask your name!

#22 Re: Main Forum » Why are many dry springs not gradient dry springs? » 2020-05-31 09:37:52

Oh so testo how do you transform a dry spring back to a natural spring?
Do we have to make a new well as close as possible to our Primary well for the Tapout to overlap? is that so? this can provide tons of extra water close by to home.
I guess it is working like -1 * -1=+1

I always wanted to know how some cities get a second well.

#23 Re: Main Forum » Why are many dry springs not gradient dry springs? » 2020-05-31 08:16:09

only the diagonal springs have gradients ( X ) and the horizontal and vertical ( + )
if a dry spring cant form a straight line with the well then has no gradients

#24 Re: News » Update: Forgiveness » 2020-05-31 02:08:08

bpskotch wrote:

I'd like some clarification on this...does this mean that mutton and wool effectively had their cost doubled? (feed adult, then feed baby)

yes Food value stats

#25 Main Forum » Breeding pens , use responsibly. » 2020-05-31 01:31:16

Replies: 6

So after Jason's nerfs to Sheep and Pig, I made a design to turn this nerf to a baff!

this is the most I could do in an early camp.
Later on, replace the Pile of Yew Branches with a pen Fence Gate.
Also, it would be better to use fence kits instead of property fences later on.
the property doors are nice to have for anti-griefing control.

PS: We had a bear hauler the time I was building this so I used one spot to trap the bear as we had only 1 arrow at the time. this pen already saved lives none was hurt , except the bread hauler who wanted to drag the bear from me. XD

This can be used to farm wolf hats btw!
Safety rules! Never cross the property door!

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