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#76 2020-03-30 10:05:14

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Re: Update broken cant get more iron

Dodge wrote:

That's cute Morti but in the human history of civilizations a lot happenned and we are exploring this, the good, the bad and the ugly.

This is not human history, this is a game, a forum discussion, and this is us, sitting at keyboards, in front of monitors, communicating.
Jason has even stated that this game does not take place in the past, if, you want to place it in a timeline at all. If you want to do that, it takes place in the future, but, in a way it's not even about that. Most of what is stated here in the forum, the thoughts, expressed, for sure, are not even thoughts of the game.

This experience we are having, is, a forum discussion, with, possibly, a game on the side. Though, from the forum discussions perspective, no one even has to play the game. Most of you, certainly, play it less than I do, and some of you, admittedly, don't even play anymore, at all.


The future, is determined.
The game's future, and our future, they are already determined.
We, are just unaware, of the most influential factors, when it comes to, aspects of it.
The unfolding of past to future, that we see in the present, is all we can truly be aware of, but even that, is limited.

You are not beholden, to be ugly, as far as you are now aware.


#77 2020-03-30 11:49:22

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Re: Update broken cant get more iron

Just because something is more scarce, it won't be more valuable

Sure it will be more important to have it, more issues if you don't, but it's still the same thing just slower

Like what is the most valuable thing you can produce?  A shovel? You still gotta make it.  It worked when nobody was able to smith, took ages to make tools. But now mediocre players can make 1 tool with a fire.

There is this tension on the game that you either make the upgrade on well or do fucking nothing at all.

As a veteran I have no issue surviving, but I notice when tons of bones are around, naked toddlers left in the dust, and they starve in minutes.
Can't help but hate the fact that they waste the water when it was limitless, work had meaning, you could water the bushes, make compost, it was helping the city, right now not making efficient food is just wasteful.
I even went in the game with the mindset of doing efficient food based on the race. One game I did carnitas, the game I did french fries
Had tons of newbie sons who were so lost, I taught one how to do french fries, he still wouldn't be able to do it alone, he said is fun we should do more, the joke is that the 6 plates of fries we did are more pips than the whole city berry field we had. livestock pens 4.0 maxi guide

Playing OHOL optimally is like cosplaying a cactus: stand still and don't waste the water.


#78 2020-03-30 13:30:59

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Re: Update broken cant get more iron

pein wrote:

the joke is that the 6 plates of fries we did are more pips than the whole city berry field we had.

From a usable, caloric, perspective, that makes sense. Modern foods are just loaded with calories, but, some people would rather romanticize about being primitive and struggling. I know I do.

I want to be in the future, and the past, but we live, on the line where, that juxtaposition, is defined.
And it seems like a thin, boring line, because we're always here.
And it's very thin.

The past, is a lot more obvious to us, because of memory, record, and, logic.
It's the future that is fun to work out. It's why we argue, make up sciences and teach, to make the future a little more, predictable; to set it on a more productive trajectory, from our vantage in the present.

It is, why I tell people I love them.
I don't want it to be forgotten, when I am gone.
Not that I said it, necessarily, but that people said it,
that I kept it alive, at least, as long as I did.

Pein, people will figure things out.
Just as we have. You have to trust them, and let them make mistakes.
Just as people won't forget how to love, or, what love was;
what it is, that makes the part of this game, this mechanic, so special.

If real love, is not interesting to you...
I don't know what else to say.
What future is there, for people,
who act, more and more, like machines?

I can debate, a future of machines vs a future of, squishy people, vulnerable to the elements, and unable to survive, the conditions, found, in the majority of the universe. I can just as easily, be prompted, to argue, for more, biological or technological, futures. But as for this game, it's difficult, to look at the way we play with each other, as an argument, between numbers and love.

The numbers are there, and we will, become aware of them, with experience and effort, but, if the love isn't here; if people don't care about each other, than what is the point of knowing whats best? I'd much rather people cared, and died caring, than survive and not care, in a game, where the next life is free, and the memories live on. At least, as long as the players, remember what it was like, to have experienced what, this was. And maybe, maybe people who played 6 months ago, have come back today, and were reminded of what it was like, to have someone care for them, like this, in a video game, in their life.

Then they can help figure out some of the numbers, again.
And we can break down the world, from as many perspectives, as there are people, to experience it with.

Whether that is two,
two hundred,
or two million,
I want them to know, love.
If I could choose, one thing, that is never forgotten about this game,
it'd be the moment, that a new player looks back at their child, freshly spawned into the world, and picks them up.
That, pause; what happens in the moment.

That is life.


#79 2020-04-15 23:41:06

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Re: Update broken cant get more iron

Gogo wrote:
fug wrote:

I asked Jason for contents instead of nerfs and you suggested "islands" for muh scarcity.

You can't make more content without nerfing everything first. tongue

I'm quoting myself, because I've predicted massive nerf. So, we can now expect bug fixes for next 2-3 weeks, then new content will finally motivate us to crawl from starving stage.


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