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#1 2019-08-13 18:19:21

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removal of arrows

-- bug:
use flint chip or knife on mouflon with arrow in it
this permanently removers the arrow from the game.

this does not work with turkeys and many other animals, so it seems to be an exceptional oversight.

mouflon respawn much faster than milkweed for arrows is being made/gathered within a rift, a single person easily removes 2-20 arrows per hour permanently from the game, and keep one arrow to hunt goose.
elongated-gradient-biomes over time also show a [bias in favor of moving north in ALL animal movement], so they accumulate in the northern area of all biomes for a mouflon+wolf orgy. This makes is easier to find mouflon, even if a lot of hunting happened in an area for a week. this effect is stronger in a more littered/forested area.

--- why exploit this:
Why remove arrows? because they are op in pvp terms, easily used to ambush, mostly used by griefing twins.
With much less arrows in the game, you can more efficiently use bears for offense (assisting foreign raids) and defense (bears outside fenched areas can actually work as weak defense).

--- adding arrow prevention to arrow removal:
hunt all goose in an area, they just do not respawn. this makes arrow production much harder as people just fail to find feathers. especially in a rift that nullifies all migrative strategy. i killed 95% of all goose in the rift in 7 hours and i am pretty sdure i was on my own there.
lure 3-6 bears at once to foreign bases, with a horse cart. bears and horseriders need not be afraid of arrow ambushes as much.
doing this 2-4 lives usually defeats a base, ready for you to loot or repopulate. most of your lifes you do not need a weapon for this, as ypou already disharmed the area a lot, and people more likely "die" willingly or unwillingly in a village with 7 bears in and near it, so they run out of fertiles within 4 generations.

This was done a bit near the end of the most recent arc, and it was done excessively in the current arc, to a point where the whole bs2 map was a wasteland, dominated by bears and one small group that manages basic organisation via discord. selective breeding is indeed a working countermeasure here.

--- This got resolved by removing the rift "temporarily". at last the game is at leas 2x as playable/interesting/emergent again, we can build roads and gardens instead of propertyGates that get blocked anyways.
as far as i can tell i was the only player that removed arrows AND hunted goose AND lured bears en masse this way. and a countermeasure for this is HARD voicechat organization with a 0% fertility rate for bear-immunity (keeping all the arrows/goose to an in-group minority). just saying, this exploit was WAY overpowered/devastating.
the discordDome dominance was an unplanned unwanted side effect of my goode-genocide. it was build in the area where i was least active in devastating the rift (from north to south), go figure, thy where smart enough to evade me and had some working countermeasures. so they could dominate a complete wasteland. Till the rift got removed and everyone rejoices, given by family names "joy" and "happy" and general chat reactions to "rift is gone".

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#2 2019-08-14 12:38:30

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Re: removal of arrows

Can someone log this in github if it's not already there?


#3 2019-08-14 17:24:36

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Re: removal of arrows

Dodge just put it in the data file issues.

Also, stop reading the forums!

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#4 2019-08-16 02:26:59

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Re: removal of arrows

It's been in github for a long time


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