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Destroying graves and boxes too easy

All i see is people cry about things like: oh a room was blocked, or i want to open a closed room/chest
there is a reason its locked and its hard to lock a 3x3 room, not talking about bigger ones
cant you just open in 2 minutes, its unfair

Most rooms are made by one or two persons, or one each generation
There are reasons to lock it, it should make it secure, restrict acces

Im pretty sure people want things for free most of times, that's the actual reason they want to open a room

There are many problems with this

General rule of any griefer is: wont spend more time to destroy something than you making/repairing it
Now about prevention: filled pits were a nice item to prevent single walls blocking a door, one filled pit in front of a door, required to make at least 5 walls to block a room (if not its poor building choice)

Other rule of griefers: they want you to grief, so wont do something if no one is watching, or less likely spends a half life ruining work if nobody is there to see, if he does there is nothing you can do anyway
Even berry bushes can make longer to grief a door, picking down berries and adding soil on it, but not watering it
still it can be removed in 8+minutes, then only needs one wall again

Making pens i learned that around each 12 tiles (a 7x7 has 49 tiles so each side one entrance) needs a door to be griefer proof, accident proof and optimal (too big to go around it every time)
Making a room huge and having only one door is a design mistake

Now i get that some cases people are locked in, thrown in as a kid, or the door decays, the eve spawns inside a room or such
but this is maybe 1% of the problems.

Chests were a nice high tech high cost item which was blocking movement and has storage, and that's a good thing. walls are required for pens, and if its unremovable is better. People hoarded all my gravestones cause they were too lazy to get their own. the milkweed nerf hurt the cart and box making, now if boxes can be destroyed with an axe, it wont be useful anymore to build any of them.
The axe is even worse, someone can accidentally click on a box, and destroy it. Axe is the most common thing a kid picks up to see if it can chop down something or kill an animal. I don't want to spend 10 minutes to make a chest so a newbee destroys it in one second.

If the problem is doors, doors should be fixed, if the problem is items blocking the door, items should be moved, not destroyed.
First of all, nobody intends to make a door and block any side of it, its pretty rare anyway, maybe for one directional doors, but its not much use of that cause once you are out someone can go in.
Having the front and back of the door blocking planting/building there would fix the issue. Pushing away a chest would fix the issue.
Not allowing bones digged/dropped in front of doors would solve the issue.
Nobody gonna make 5 tiles to block a door, maybe some very skilled griefer, but then again, if just wants to troll with others, there would be easier ways.
Also having 2 doors would increase this to 2x5 tiles to be blocked

storing axe in a box can accidentally destroy a box when you click the wrong way putting it in, double right clicking an axe from a box could break a box. now the only workaround is make hatchet for kindling and lock away axe, or use it until it breaks. The first one is counter intuitive, axe is first after hammer and locks were situational, no one made them cause takes a lot of time, by then you need 2nd hoe or 3rd even. and breaking into chests or rooms are easy enough now with a file/hammer and a sign/other chest.
Making multiple locked chests are very expensive now and cant be done alone in a lifetime.

Making any box or chest with the possibility of someone destroying it in a second intentionally or unintentionally makes it a dead item.

Same for graves, making a letter to respect a dead person takes a lot of time, and they can remove it with one click? its very situational to block a room with a grave when there are many other easier options. Yes some graves are on the wrong spot, and relocating could be a thing but removing so easy is not fair or nice at all just because it might block a door.
not being able to put bones in front of doors would fix this. Opening doors diagonally would fix this somewhat (no one will ever make 3 graves to block a door without getting caught and takes a lot of time)

and then there is the thing of safety in numbers, if someone locked into a room, and nobody helps, kinda deserves the fate if the griefer can manage to lock her in.
Now having a person wanting to help, would make this okay, you want to push away a chest? you need help.
bare minimum would be hitting with a mallet just like fences, and use a tool on it, so can be done alone but needs skill and this would prevent accidental clicks.

Now that adobe pens were the new meta, chests were an expensive but ideal upgrade, someone can cut all the chests in a few seconds denies this too. We need more storage, not less.
I get that the fences are supposed to be used for pens, but then again if you trust on good intentions of people that no one gonna pick off a fence rail, or even no one gonna dig it out, then you can trust that you put adobe or unfixed graves for the same reason.

If a recipe is hard, undoing it should be same amount of work or more. yes, someone locks you in a room, its an emergency, people want to help, but then the other side can use this prevention on easier griefing.

Other option: lock a horse, a horse can move the chest away. Locking a horse with same key as a door would ensure that you got the option to unblock it, and prevention would be not to build a room until you don't have a horse.

We can even teleport food into a room, so its not so dramatic in many cases, people can be fed at least so if something would take team effort and time to solve be it, but by addressing door blocking which isn't a thing really, it ruins boxes, chests and marked graves which are generally not a problem.

newbies placing permanent items can be a problem, like roads, bigger issue than blocking rooms which are useless anyway for gameplay (heat bonus is a joke, small rooms are not helping)

at least add another item, like crowbar which needs to be made at smith, and has no other use than removing chest and graves, and making one of them when not needed means someone wants trouble, not reusing a tool so simple as an axe.
or making a doormat- unremovable but not blocking movement as the filled pit was.

When the game started, new things were interesting, people wanted to see them, if there are no new things people can make, big cities become boring, same as multiple shallow wells were better than one upgraded well, primitive solutions will be better again, storing items on the floor, using hatchets to cut wood. the whole thing is reverse in this game: experienced players serve others, newbies don't care about population control, advancing in technology makes everything worse.
we need tech tiles, like filled pit was, we would even need free tiles which wont allow building or planting but placing down one item (table?) so we can help to design a city optimally, cause its impossible to tell newbies why they made a mistake before they do it (making a kiln on  bad spot, making roads on bad spots, extending berry fields endlessly).


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Re: Destroying graves and boxes too easy

One axe to destroy one chest doesnt seem that easy, also chest with lock cant be destroyed with axe only problem is they get locked when closed even without key

Ideal solution for chest would be imo:

Key + closed locked chest = closed unlocked chest
Key + closed unlocked chest = closed locked chest

So the chest doesnt lock when closed and requires a key to be locked instead


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