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User Story: Sacrifice to save my family, by JonySky

I was born in a village with most tasks already done ... my mother raised me, dressed me and gave me a backpack .. I even let me choose what kind of hat I wanted to wear ... she named me "Dennis"

My first years I dedicated myself to compost, and to the raising of the sheep

a grandmother before she died she gave me her knife to continue my work with the sheep

I spent a few years raising and killing a lot of sheep and creating more and more compost with the help of my relatives

when we had excess compost (you never have enough) I started to create a small hospital ...

First create pads and needles with thread for the sutures and after creating 2 bowls full of pads, I made a small construction to store and have controlled the medical supplies

When I was about to finish construction, I heard a conversation from afar where someone was threatening someone who was going to kill her

I approached and was a girl with a seal coat that was threatening another for no reason ... anyway not having listened to all the conversation did not know if this person was right or not right and I decided to continue to mine and look from a distance this girl, she was called "Birdie"

When the clinic ended, I saw Birdie doing nothing, turning the city senselessly ... it seemed that I was looking for something, but I was not doing anything

I decided to follow her and review her movements ...
Suddenly she realized that he was watching her, and started to scream that he was chasing her to kill her ... that I was a murderer and wanted to kill her ...

Here I realized that this person was not looking for anything good ...

the people of the town did not pay much attention to her, I never threatened her, did not talk to her, did not even take the knife out of her backpack ... but she knew that I was watching her and that prevented her from doing anything bad.

After a while I saw her trying to forge something, but she gave up (I do not know very well the reason, but I think someone hid the Steel File)

imagine what would be happening to plan B, the bow ...

When I got to this point I knew that I would try to hurt the city and I began to warn people, sisters, brothers, children ... all who could avoid a mass murderer

I was already getting older, and here I realized that I could not fight against her ... I was beginning to have the risk that she would steal my backpack and my knife ...

What I did was give my backpack and my knife to a girl who was building a road: "Zebulon"

I had noticed her since she was a child, and she had been working hard for everyone

I was 56 when Birdie came with his bow trying to kill people ... first he tried with a girl, then with a woman ...

I knew I was going to kill someone, and I was not going to allow it ...

I noticed that in this game people do not realize the real problems of murderers until they see blood ....

I was 56 years old and I could not contribute much more to the city ...

I got in front of Birdie and I stayed still, without moving, so I was an easy target ... I just had to shoot, and of course that's what he did

she was in the middle of the city when she shot me and everyone saw it, that's what I was looking for ... that everyone is aware of what happens when this type of idiots is let loose

When she was relaxed, I told everyone not to worry about me, to kill her and Zebulon, she nailed the knife without mercy ...

The whole city surrounded me and I was fed during my last breath, I saw the idiot die ...
they wanted to cure me but I did not want them to heal an old man of 56 years ... they should not worry about me ... I'm happy to have fulfilled my obligation to sacrifice for mine, for my family, until the end … id=1019726

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Re: User Story: Sacrifice to save my family, by JonySky

I feel like an og because already read this on main forum smile


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