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Mini guide: Eve runs in rift

What is the rift? It's a box around the current map, you can't go outside it, it's 720x720 in size.
The easiest way to navigate in the rift is to go in a direction, probably diagonal, after a short time you hit a corner or side. If you see the black cracks on edge, it means you found it. If there is a rift on top means you are north, if there is a rift right, means you are east, if it's left means you are west, and if it's bottom, means you are south, if you see two rifts means you are at a corner, you can tell exactly where you are and can use it as a point of reference for further lives so once you hit top or bottom go left or right, once you hit left or right, go top or bottom to locate a corner.
Using any of the modded clients, or even the old Coordinator finder, you can locate how far are you from birth location and with some clients you know how far are you from home marker.

The eve window is short inside the rift, and people can be hostile.
I wasn't playing too much lately, but on the first 3 arcs i tried to set up new locations.
The three things that re important now are bootstrapping location (make pottery, tools, then move from there).
Set up a fence line asap to defend the town from intruders. If you got too much population, move.

Differences between the rift and the spiral:
-your work won't get lost, even if you die, you can return on the other life
-people can find you easily
-you can find people easily
-big population needs fast tech advancement, small population can make better  cities, in the spiral you just did the things you always do.
-we got the possibility to mine iron with engines, on the spiral we didn't have the option
-the map changed, swamps are always next to green biome, and you can always find rabbits
-spring are on 40×40 grid, only ice, jungle and desert won't have them
-new languages mean that you need to communicate with or eliminate other families, or they will do that to you.

So what is important when you are Eve?
Location, speed, defence, population
First, you need 3 ropes at least. One rope for fire bow, one for hatchet, one for snares. No hoes, use skewers, you can't afford ropes for stone hoes, as you don't generally have a way to till soil and afford the water and soil until you got a pen and a well.
Don't keep any kids yet! They will slow you down. I generally tend to keep the first kid if it's a girl, if it's not totally new, as she sees the map i see and i can scout until she grows up. Early game is a lot of work and you got to be fast, if you are a kid to an eve, consider to suicide if she hasn't made the fire tools and hasn't found a location yet.

it's actually best to keep as low as possible, generally a biome can only feed 2-3 players with wild food. So that food should go for your girls who live to 14 and have their own kids, and to you. Generally not the best to keep male babies, unless they very skilled, or tell them to gather food from afar.
Generally they won't worth it and this removes from your possible food supply for your other kids.
You shouldn't have kids until you can't make a fire. You shouldn't carry multiple kids to far places as you lose time.
Ideal would be 2-3 girls only, later. If they are new, consider to help them instead of having more population, you can try to talk trough the strategy with other kids. But worst case scenario you are alone, no one will help, keep population low, tell kids you can't afford them yet. If you keep too many they will die anyway and you lose time and deplete resources.

Early game your goal is to set up food and tools, right now there aren't too much of difference where you do it, just choose a green biome which has soil, next to a swamp which has a few ponds, the spring should be visible. You need like 10+ maple trees in the biome, and possibly some other trees for easy tool making and kindling.
The kiln is best to be on a large flat space, next to some clay and branches
The kiln is not the centre of the town, but newbies consider it so, most likely you need a bootstrap location until you make pottery and tools, so you don't have to take the best location, you need to pick a location next to a good location.

Later on you will need different resources for a good town: iron mine, oil, sulphur. Everything else can be found anywhere. A mine, can provide enough iron to make tools and sustain the town, also you can install an engine on it. Most probably the closest badlands will have some iron veins, if you optimize for iron, you might choose a biome next to an iron mine. That helps later on.
Oil: tarry spots are kinda rare and making a road to it can be hard, sometimes there aren't tarry spots in 200 tile radii as they can only be found on desert and ice. The top and right side of the rift has more jungle, the bottom and left has more desert.
Jungle means extra food. Desert means sulphur (you can and should plant a rubber tree asap), horses and some rare resources.
Ice can also have tarry spots, but won't have sulphur so it's not as good as desert but is safer at least.
Because of this, top left and bottom right diagonal has better variety on resources, if you want to be next to the edge, then top left corner and bottom right corner can always have close jungle and desert.
Long therm animals will die so won't matter. You just have to be in a decent proximity from oil and iron. That can be totally random.
Optimizing for late game resources won’t matter that much short therm, but if you are an experienced player, just keep this information in mind, later on the politics of the map will revolve around oil, iron. Experienced players will go on horses and take oil and iron around but it's always easier to be close distance.
Wild animals: since the map change,  players will encounter only boars and wolfs mostly, if there is unusually high number of animals in small biomes, you should consider dropping the place, as new kids can die easy to them, or make it a priority to clear them early. Animals tend to group in small parts of a biome. You should consider to be other side of that biome (I think is bottom left now so be sure not to be too close to that).

Your own speed counts as an Eve, and generally player skill is reverse with their emotions. A new mother will always keep more babies, hoping it will work out, a skilled mother will know if there aren't resources and it would only slow her down.
Lot of players want to experience the start or just don't know that they can be useful or not. It's highly varied, but generally true: if you are new, don't keep many babies. If the baby cant follow you, can't stand in fire, saying racial slurs or goes for weapon, it's ok to starve that kid before he grows up and becomes a problem. You got to be fast, efficient and work all your life, if your kids can't promise that, then no reason to keep them.

Eve runs are fun, and makes you a better player, they are hard, but gives you experience. If you think you are not up to it, don't waste other players time, tell them right ahead that you are new, if you are a baby, consider suicide if you see they struggling.

As an eve, you need to make pottery as fast as possible, set up a kiln and make a few bowls (around 3-4 minimum), some plates (at least 3-4).
And start a farm, carrot, is faster, you never plant berries near ponds, it's unsustainable, you either make a cistern there or plant next to  a spring in the swamp. Carrot is much faster and you can afford some soil and water until you make tools. Carrot can be made into carrot pie and increase the food value by 4x.
Tools are main priority, and everybody needs to help. Branches and clay near kilns, rabbits, wild wheat near oven. Plant and pick carrots. Build defence, clear wild animals, get iron.

Your minimum goal as eve: pottery and some rabbits to make packs.
Average goal: make a hammer, axe and shovel.
Hard goal: sheep pen and iron mine.

I do not advise to make the following foods before having an axe: eggs, stew, cooked rabbits. Each kindling you use for them, makes it harder for the smith to make tools. Stick with carrot pies and focus on tools.
Even when making pies, you need extra plates to be made first, always keep at least 3 for the smith, and make 8-12 pies at least if there isn't emergency with food.

Axe allows getting firewood, so you can keep up a fire. Two kindling is not the same as one and firewood! Large fast fire goes out in 1 minute and it's too hot for babies to stand inside. If you make a fire, you can cook rabbits when it goes off (still better to make rabbit pies) but never make eggs on main fire, collect around 8-12 eggs and cook it one by one, keeping almost a minute difference between them so it stays up for longer.

Sadly, there are many bad intended players, or they just don't know better.
You might let some babies die, to help on the progress, they run in and eat all your food, stand around not working, and make you and your kids starve. Happened to me that i kept only 2 girls, an eve ran in with 3 boys and ate all my carrots and my daughter nearly starved.
Keep a bow behind a tree, just in case if an eve attacks, keep an arrow somewhere else a bit further, so they can't find easily and use against you.
Even for me, was too hard to set up a fence line before i died, also took away a lot of time, which could be used to make tools, a pen, a farm, anything. i was quite unlucky so far, every time i didn't close down the fences in time, attackers killed me or my kids.
Also, there is an issue that even if you close down the base, you need food, so you can't rely on the wild food. You can consider building a small fence for the carrot field, with one entrance and a bow inside it, in case of attacks, you can shoot the attackers or wait it out, tell your girls to run inside and wait you deal with attackers.

Teaming up isn't the best of ideas, some eves will just leach on you and you cant communicate with their kids to do the job for you so you end up losing a lot of resources. You can be friendly, but make sure you bring food to the camp you want to settle, small gifts to ensure your good intentions. Don't settle too close to other camps. Even if you are friendly, some 8 year old kid can decide to kil lsome of them and it will be a bloodbath. Mixed families generally die out in an hour or less if some players don't actively tell everyone to work together. Once you know their language, you can trust them more.  That's why lot of people kill Eves. There is no reason to kill a son of an eve, they wont have kids, and if they work, you should never kill them. If someone in your family is racist against them for no reason, then the problem is with her. As for eves daughters, only keep them if you really need them, after the eve window closes, there is a new feature, that yo uwill have girl babies when you got less than 3 possible fertile females.
So the only reason you would not let them inside is to keep family name or the skin color you got.

One important thing when considering defence:
The rift has a natural wall, it covers at least 25% of the camp side, if you are in corner, this number is 50%. You can save this much fences by having the rift near you. This means you finish with walls faster, or you can build it bigger in the same amount of time.
You should always have multiple exits, at least two, but if the camp is huge, then more. This helps with gathering resources, ability to get behind the attackers. You should consider one way exits protected with extra layer of fences, so people can go out if they want, you cannot keep them inside.
You should consider making the gate close to the fire or the fire close to the gate. Where more people see the gate and wont forget to give acces to it.

Bootstrapping/pseudo Eve or Adam
My personal experience is that is better to make a town alone and move the population inside later on
I was experimenting with fortress designs, and got  few succes stories. The end of the 8 day arc, 6th day i made a fortress next to a decaying town, a small black fmaily took it over, after i spent 2 lives on it, once as an eve, next life as a boy. I enclosed the fences and had bare minimum resources inside. A pen around the spring (it's better to have the pen close to water source than berries right next to it, kilns, oven, small berry patch with boards. This had the advantage of good planning, floorss under kilns and oven, nothing was too close to each other, had defence. Next day i came back i born there, people extended the fences, and was the best town of the rift, someone made engine. Were 2 tarry spots there, was the only town lasting to the end of arc.
The other instance was the next arc, i spent 3 lives on a camp, pre planned it, made some floors and pen, kilns, eventually people moved in after we died out, instead of scavenging the items, they improved on it and was the first town having water engine and oil.

Some designs i had:
graves can be used with an offset fence to create a one way exit, you can put springy doors later on
you need to place cistern/have the spring on middle, build the pen outside of it, then a few boards, a smal lfarm, new kilns
some examples i made ingame:

As far as i can say:
-this is enough for a small family, you should consider making it wider for a big town, but you can have sectors later on. I would say 20x 45 (spring to sping and a pen included, is enough for long time
-pen is much better near the well, as you got acces to soil, also you can control the oven location to be close to it, berries close to it other side.
-kilns need more space later on as it can be filled with too much items
-boards first make berry field easier to be accesed, people generally extend it so i would advise 2 lines of boards at 2-3 distance from each other. 10-16 bushes are more than enough añy size of family, just don't eat them, feed it to sheep and make pies all time.
-always have a least one cistern to store water
-make only 2 exits, it's enough now, top and bottom, top can be springy door.
-you need axe, 2 hoes, 2 shovels and froe, mallet to start it
-try to make it on a big flat space with closeby iron mine or tarry spot in closer range

Generally wil take around 90 minutes to get to a decent looking town, if you are alone
Most times i was a male making most progress on a fortress, second life going back with a horse
You can move females inside once you made the pen, board for berry field, boards under oven and kilns and of course the fences around it, possibly a gate and an entrance with a grave.
Top right corner should be storage and then the kilns, as you can see you need some place to dump the bones, some wheat and carrot, possibly near the oven

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Re: Mini guide: Eve runs in rift

Nice guide, thanks!

What do you mean by this though? whats does stay up for longer, the fire?
"collect around 8-12 eggs and cook it one by one, keeping almost a minute difference between them so it stays up for longer."
does the 2-minute timer of Hot flat rock refresh every time I cook something on it?

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Re: Mini guide: Eve runs in rift

yes, the hot flat rock resets with each egg, so you can get a tiny bit of heat out of it, also you can cook further eggs, if you cook like3 eggs with a single kindling then repeat, it can consume all the branches you got and you delay the smith from ever making tools

and by something, only eggs, tortillas early game would be very wasteful, especially if the smith rocks are used for it

#miniguide (just for the SEO)

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