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#1 2019-05-15 14:52:06

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Data missing on causes of death + Current graph

One of the biggest reason having only one life per hour wouldn't work right now would be because of how easy and fast it is to die.

Having only one life per hour with the current death rate would be a financial suicide and half the playerbase would leave the game if not more.

But what if it wasn't as easy to die of starvation, murder etc, to balance having only one life.

Starvation for example could be much slower which would mean much less food requirement, so less grinding for everything food related (balanced by less ressources) and more time for social interactions (like figuring out who is going to risk his life to get iron and if anyone wants to join with a bow for protection or medical supplies).

There is some missing data about causes of death, mostly about any injuries related to wildlife, also there is a high number of deaths by disconnect which isn't a thing anymore so i dont know what they are, it could be possible that the disconnects are the /die deaths the numbers seem to match.

Graph for Sunday 12 May 2019:




#2 2019-05-15 18:37:07

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Re: Data missing on causes of death + Current graph

There's a thought, but that would involve an entire overhaul of everything in the game.  That stuff is pretty well-tuned at this point.


#3 2019-05-15 18:40:39

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Re: Data missing on causes of death + Current graph

What if you had to play on "hard core mode" (one hour one life) to earn eve tokens? So you play the game with this mode turned on in the settings (you only get one life per hour) and if you rack up x total min of play time you get the chance to play as Eve?

pair this change with a limiting of the number Eve's based on server population, so you could still get to be Eve if server population is high enough without using hardcore mode as well.

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#4 2019-05-16 07:12:47

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Re: Data missing on causes of death + Current graph

yeah the disconnects only occur below age 1 so those are SID babies
the disconnects others have, are either starvation or comatose mode where arent playing technically but people can keep them alive livestock pens 4.0 maxi guide

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#5 2019-05-16 08:17:56

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Re: Data missing on causes of death + Current graph

I agree on making the game easier:  Limited communication UI and frantic gameplay are mostly what deters organization in game.

But straight up being unable to play the game is not a good thing for any reason.  At worst a one hour, one life IMO would be something like... if you die early you play in some kind of ghost city for a while or something.

But ultimately if you go on the path of painful death + pvp focus, you're going to end up with a pretty dead game. 

@Futurebird That's a really good idea tbh.  I've seen that kind of thing work on colonization style games where you need someone to earn something to start building in a new area, which is kind of what Eve is.

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