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#1 2018-03-13 21:56:21

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Having Items Sealed within Buildings

In my time playing OHOL, I have come across some structures which others players have built and tried my own at creating one. These can range from a few walls to a completely enclosed building.

When I find, for instance, an adobe room with one missing wall as an entrance I am excited to use the space as a shop or storage or what-have-you. However, the fear then kicks in that if I store objects, or start working in this space. Some troll will come along and seal the entrance shut. by building a wall

I understand that wooden doors can and should be built and this would solve the problem. But is my fear justified? Sometimes you don't have the time, resources, or knowledge to build a wooden door, but adobe is a pretty low tec.

Has anyone experienced being shut in, or seeing piles of valuable goods locked away? What is your advice and experience? Is it worth it to store/work inside of these structure?

I feel like having to worry about trolls kills the fun and novelty of finding/building a building. I know people have been stabbed by trolls and thats no fun, but I see that as a part of a potential PvP dynamic within the game (but this can be debated if its properly supported with the current game mechanics)---But having things locked away behind an impenetrable room seems outside all essence of the game.

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#2 2018-03-13 21:59:11

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Re: Having Items Sealed within Buildings

I've seem closed rooms full of food carts. A real pity for the poor village I was. I don't know if it was trolling but we should be able to deconstruct structures.
All those delicious carrots. so sad..


#3 2018-03-14 03:26:33

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Re: Having Items Sealed within Buildings

Additional point:
Wooden doors use few pieces of rope - with milkweekd already sparse and used clothes, water pouches, tools, boxes (a lot of stuff...)
Adobe wall uses 2 clay and 2 reeds. You can even easily block wooden doors from outside by using 6 adobe walls. Hell, you don't even need to finish wall - 3 adobe will siffice.
Deconstruction is a must.


#4 2018-03-14 05:38:04

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Re: Having Items Sealed within Buildings

Walls should be more expensive also ....


#5 2018-03-14 07:50:40

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Re: Having Items Sealed within Buildings

I created a suggestion in reddit, where Jason checks out the suggestions once in  a while and decides if its necessary/feasible. … struction/


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