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#1 2018-03-13 08:56:57

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Picking Up Grave With Previously Equipped Items

Upon the death of an individual wearing clothing and a backpack previously equipped items are placed on the same tile as the grave. If this grave is picked up using a basket all items previously on the corpse disappear. Will try to get a video next time.


#2 2018-03-13 18:54:30

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Re: Picking Up Grave With Previously Equipped Items

I haven't seen them disappear, but if there are a lot of items around, the clothing will "fly" to tiles that are open, which may be off the viewable map. Obviously, this could be a bug that I just haven't experienced yet.


#3 2018-03-13 19:13:45

From: Warsaw, Poland
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Re: Picking Up Grave With Previously Equipped Items

I can confirm seeing similar behaviour for loot, bones themselver and arrows shot from bows. I believe items are supposed to find the "nearest available spot" in such situations - I've see items pop up like 5-6 tiles away from the event in case of clutter on ground. Sometimes though - the process fails.
I've seen:
- entire coprses never spawning after dying on the carrot plots sourounded by baskets (starvation or being shot by bow - player did not just x-close the game, confirmed on discord, we were looking for their corpses with them)
- loot not dropping from corpse when picking bones with basket
- arrows being lost when landig in cluttered area
Please note that extensive search was performed by more than one person connected through discord voice chat in each case. Items did not just "pop in strange place" - they never popped out - we knew our base very well at the time - spent multiple lives there. Only happens in highly "polluted" areas with hardly any space on floor.


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