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#1 2019-08-30 15:07:33

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Update: Live from PAX West


I write to you from rainy Seattle.

If you're at PAX West, please stop by and say hello.  I'm in the PAX Rising area, and I've got:

--500 Limited Edition OHOL purchase cards with unique QR codes (on sale for the first time at 25% off for PAX attendees only)

--Mofobert stickers

--Sandara posters

--Diamond Trust of London





The update went out on Wednesday evening, before I left, and it includes several improvements, which I will simply list here:

--Eve window remains open for 8 hours.

--Arc ends if we ever get down below two families.

--The bug causing the apocalypse whiteout to stall has been fixed, so families can easily survive the end of the arc now.

--Fixed a imprecision accumulation in server walk speed code that could potentially allow WASD mods to walk slightly faster.

--You can spend YUM to do hungry work, and you must always have a 5-hunger buffer when doing hungry work (for safety, so you don't starve immediately after).

--After the Eve window closes, babies are distributed to families round-robin, to prevent one family from getting baby starved.

--A new family population log has been added, so I can make nice graphs of families over the arc.

--Pine trees are no longer hungry work (softwood, naturally)

--You can eat carnitas straight.

--You can eat onions and tomatoes straight.

--You can deconstruct the track cart kit.


#2 2019-08-31 07:18:29

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Re: Update: Live from PAX West

Ooh what are those keyboards you've got there in the photo?

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#3 2019-08-31 09:22:03

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Re: Update: Live from PAX West

Hope you sell lots of stickers and codes! smile

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#4 2019-09-01 06:57:43

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Re: Update: Live from PAX West

Keyboards are Ducky One 2 RGB.

Very nice keyboards, but the RGB has 100 Hz PWM, which is easily visible in your peripheral vision as flicker.  It sucks.  So I have the backlights turned off.  The whole point of the RGB was to highlight the available keyboard controls, but I hate flicker... I ended up buying colored key caps to do that instead (the navy blue seen in the picture).


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