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#1 Re: Main Forum » Best Town Layout » 2024-07-04 01:02:01

Hope wrote:

I thought it would be better to build the kitchen amid the farm. But every families have their kitchen adjacent to the nursery and usually above the farm. I could not think of a reason why my design isn't better.

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#2 Re: Main Forum » Public Data Allows In-Game Cyberstalking/Bullying » 2024-05-24 22:25:14

Marquis wrote:
forman wrote:

The leaderboard tag, in combination with family information, allows a person to track where other players are. By combining the curse AND leaderboard tags, a player can track down a cursed player directly to their current life (where they will see the curse name above their head).

I thought public logs were delayed a day. How do you find someone in game?

You can look up somebody's leaderboard name with their curse name or vice versa.

Then you can pull them up on the leaderboard and see their (live?) relative life data which tells you which family they are in.
At this point, it's not a complicated process of elimination to narrow it down, but if you DO have them cursed, you can see the curse tag on their head.

The Phex comm system (embedded in yumlife mod) is a hell of a lot worse, although you can turn it off (assuming there are no backdoors).

I'm pretty sure the base phex config shares your coords, it also obviously tags you with by ID and their admin have no qualms about sharing
that ID info (over discord for example)

#3 Re: Main Forum » Public Data Allows In-Game Cyberstalking/Bullying » 2024-05-24 10:22:26

DiscardedSlinky wrote:

to curse you

You're immediately making this personal when it isn't.
It's true several people have cursed me recently but if that was something I cared about, I would just buy another key, for what, 10 dollars?

I wrote this post to bring awareness to both Jason, and the greater community at large, as to the mechanics and the way in which they are
being exploited, with the hope that it will be fixed in the future.

DiscardedSlinky wrote:

People do not want to play near you anymore for it.

And by "people" you mean like at MOST 10 people from discord/phex in a game of well over 100 players.

These "people" are a minority and by now, I have already personally witnessed a greater number of players complaining about the account
tracking your "people" have been doing, as well as the heavy handedness of the curse system which empowers them.

What I am describing here is a handful of bad actors who are (through exploits) spoiling the game for a greater number of players.


#4 Main Forum » Public Data Allows In-Game Cyberstalking/Bullying » 2024-05-24 05:10:18

Replies: 9

In keeping with this quote from jason in the trust update:

"This doesn't allow you to track specific players across lives, but rather shows you the growing group of players that you generally trust."

Unfortunately, the public data available including curse/leaderboard names (as well as phex) in fact DOES allow people to track specific players across lives. This has led to many players on the discord, as well as phex groups, to track and harass players across the entire game space, as well as encourage others to curse them in an attempt to perma force them into donkeytown.

This is demonstrated clearly on this site

The leaderboard tag, in combination with family information, allows a person to track where other players are. By combining the curse AND leaderboard tags, a player can track down a cursed player directly to their current life (where they will see the curse name above their head).

In the aforementioned trust update, Jason goes on to state...

"The curse system is great, insofar as it allows you to say, "I don't want to play near this person anymore," and have your wishes respected. Each person gets to decide what counts as "unacceptable" on their own, without needed consensus from others. Maybe one person doesn't like swearing, and another person doesn't like berry munching, and a third person really hates bossy players. Some people might like the drama of a murder or theft, while others might hate it. Curses allow us to avoid defining global behavior rules that must satisfy everyone."

I will repeat, " avoid defining global behavior rules that must satisfy everyone "

This is, of course, not at ALL what is happening, instead we have a clique of older, abusive players exploiting the various holes in the curse system (and public data) to try and enforce THEIR set of rules, which are really tantamount to "we don't like you".

They are then running around, tracking players down like a mob of thugs, harassing and mass cursing them, and encouraging others to do likewise.

What's more, most of player base is probably TOTALLY UNWARE this is happening, just as I was unaware prior to joining the discord -- and that was after multiple years of playing the game.

I think it's fair to assume that, if prospective customers KNEW about this cyberstalking/bullying behavior (and the mechanics that enable it) PRIOR to buying the game, they wouldn't even bother.

#5 Main Forum » Forman's Rocket Guide Volume 1 » 2024-04-30 00:51:17

Replies: 1

Step 0: Coordinates
Periodically (every 5 hours apparently) there will be a global announcement that a new pad is available.
This will register as a bell that disappears once you die.
With mods, you will be able to trap the coordinates and you will need to write them down.
The easiest way to do this is with a map/waystone.

For me, the launch pad was about 7k away from the town I was building in, west beyond the ginger highway, and north about 1700 past the snow biome.
Needless to say, you are going to need exclusive use of a truck and also likely a place to store your goodies between lives.

Step 1: Metal and Copper
This can be done easily at any town that has the infrastructure.

The metal body is as follows
14 steel ingot –-> 14 steel rod (newcomen roller HEATED)
3 steel rod     –-> 3 steel beam (newcomen hammer ONE HIT)
9 steel rod     –-> 9 sheet metal (newcomen hammer TWO HITS)
2 steel rod     –-> 2 steel fins (newcommen hammer THREE HITS)

You will also need two engine tubes for later
2 sheet metal –-> 2 engine tubes (newcomen ROLLER)

Since you have to use the roller twice, at this point, you can also do
4 copper ingot –-> 4 copper rod (newcomen roller COLD)
2 zinc ingot     –-> 2 zinc rod (newcomen roller WARM in hot coals)
You also need 1 plaster

Step 1.5: Build Rocket
Unfortunately, you cannot fit an entire rocket into a truck, so at this point you should drive to the launch site and place a flat stone, plaster, and all the steel pieces in order except the engine tubes.

All of these pieces can be removed at this point until you place the white milk paint.
Realistically, step 1 with the steel is pretty trivial so I would recommend placing all the metal and paint so it cannot be removed and returning later.

Step 2: The desert
At this point, you basically need to move your truck to a black base and spawn as black so you can access the desert.

From the desert you will need
1 cinnabar for red paint,
one topaz for blue (green) paint,
14 niter for saltpeter for fuel and battery acid
17 paper to purify the saltpeter (3 for glass)
4 bowls sulfur for acid
3 sand
3 glasswort

To make the saltpeter you need 14 ashes
Place the 14 niter into 14 bowls of water and light 14 kindling
Once the kindling turns to ash, use the bowl on the ashes

Now place 14 paper into the 14 bowls and use them on an empty bowl to purify
Wait a few minutes until it turns into dry peter
Now add 4 bowls of sulfur to 4 of the salt peter, put all of this in your truck (this is for acid later)

You will also need to make 2 glass LIGHT BULBS and 1 glass ROCKET window.
I'm not going to explain this, look it up on one tech.

The window is something new made by using a hot bulb (on pipe) on the newcomen hammer.
When you do that, you should also turn two of your copper rods into copper foil (newcomen hammer)
All of these things can be placed into a truck.

Step 3: The jungle

Again, I recommend driving your truck and hiding it near a brown base then spawning as that culture.
From the jungle, you will need:

10 sugar cane
1 indian yellow pigment

I'm not going to explain this, but once you have 10 sugar you add it to 10 bowls of salt peter and cook the mix over coals to get fuel.
Then add 5 fuel to each rocket tube.

At some point you will also need to make 3 buckets of paint.
Use the cinnibar and topaz/indian yellow to get green and red and dunk 1 bulbs in each to get red/green LIGHT BULBS

You will need the white and red paint for the rocket but not the green paint.
You will also need one hand held smithing hammer and a drawplate and two copper ingots

Step 4: Dani Cells

Assuming you set up the metal on the rocket, at this point you will have everything you need.
You may also want
food, axe, full water bucket, bowdrill, arrow/bow/quiver, clay bowl

The problem with dani cells and sulfuric acid is it cannot be moved in a truck. Neither can copper wire.

Drive back to the launch pad.
At this point you may want to use a property fence with plenty of room.

You will need to light 4 kindling and use your sulfur/saltpeter bowls on the coals

You use the bowl of water on the cooking sulfur/peter to get acid, the coals are consumed

Now place two copper foil in two acid
Place two zinc rods in the other two acid
Use the hammer on 2 copper ingots to make copper bowls

Follow onetech instructions to assemble your dani cells
Use your drawplate on the two copper rods to make 2 copper wire

Add all of the stuff to the rocket, if you followed the instructions (and I didn't mess up) you are good to go.
(BE ADVISED there is a high probability I did forget something, you should double check each step)

Once you place the dani cells on the rocket the timer starts, at which point I advise getting in.
No clue what happens if you wait (I wouldn't try it)

#6 Re: Main Forum » Best Town Layout » 2024-04-24 18:15:45

This next to that, yeah.

The alignments are also pretty good. Mainly I like roads to be straight and uninterrupted.
I suppose the road 'cell' size could be more consistent, ie matching the smith size.
That would look neater from a satellite but wouldn't really be any more functional.

I did the trees but not the coal, would have liked to put a stone road running through it but the tracks would interrupt that no matter what (I think)

Planting diagonal would be kinda odd but I guess a zigzag would work -- that's what I usually do with the branch piles.

#7 Main Forum » Best Town Layout » 2024-04-24 13:50:41

Replies: 5

Pretty sure this is it. Can't think of much improvement other than the well being in the center.

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#8 Main Forum » DONKEYTOWN Needs Biome Bands (Desert, Arctic, Jungle) » 2024-02-28 19:29:54

Replies: 1

I've noticed that donkeytown has been improved somewhat.

Now you can have kids there which is good.
This offers a solution to the fact that people always resettle old towns in th main game and never allow for new towns.

The one issue here is that it doesn't seem like you can access the special biomes (desert, jungle, arctic)
This effectively blocks the tech tree once you need rubber (newcomen)

Placing donkeytown in the middle of the map will solve this.
And no, donkeytown would not be reachable (even by car) and if it is, just move it further away so that it isn't.

#9 Main Forum » There Are Never New Families (THIS GAME IS BROKEN FIX PLEASE) » 2024-01-17 04:20:39

Replies: 5

Every so often I log in just to see what's going on the bigserver.
Not to my surprise, all families are are past gen 30 (3/4 I think were over 100)
there IS NO WAY to play from the beginning.

This means that over 50% of the game content is effectively BLOCKED.


Simplest solution is to ALLOW PLAYERS TO EVE WHEN THEY WANT.
When other players log in, they can then CHOOSE which of the MANY FAMILIES they want to play in using /die.

Right now everyone is FORCED into the same SHITTY ASS TOWNS.

Final phase, tech tree is done.
There is nothing to do.

This is like buying a game and then being FORCED TO START AT THE //END// OF THE GAME //EVERY// TIME.


#10 Main Forum » Why Does HETUW always BLOWUP on UPDATE? » 2023-12-20 03:49:58

Replies: 1

If I recall correctly, it was the data number or version number that needed to be updated?

Whatever the case, for the love of god, please stop this from happening.

#11 Re: Main Forum » Playing the Game with a Friend - Respawn Together at Last Death Locati » 2023-10-14 20:50:31

You can set your server statically in the settings.
On servers numbered 3 or greater, when you die of old age, you respawn on top of your body.

This does not work on server 2 (and possibly other servers so be careful)

Your friend can set their server to be statically the same as you and should birth as your child.

Subsequently, you will birth as their child once you die or spawn on top if you die before you can have  a child

#12 Re: Main Forum » INTERESTING SOLO GAMEPLAY: Smaller Families/Greater Spread is BETTER » 2023-10-14 20:48:06

SoloAceMouse wrote:

Only been playing under two years but have clocked roughly 1500 hours.

I could see some pioneer or satellite-town system working.

You can bring it up on github issues section which is the list Jason is currently working off of.

#13 Re: Main Forum » --solved-- » 2023-10-14 20:45:39

You can turn lasso into rope and since the recent update you can also turn rope back into thread

#14 Re: Main Forum » Town stages are skipped and game difficulty is out of balance » 2023-10-14 20:41:26

This is all VERY true

The simple solution is to allow players to Eve whenever they want
This would naturally balance out and people would just avoid those stupid maxed out towns

You should go to Github and mention your issues in the issues section
This is the list he is currently working off of for the weekly updates

#15 Main Forum » BUG: Eve Chain doesn't work (on server2) » 2023-08-17 20:35:40

Replies: 3

Pretty sure the eve chain is bugged on server2 it seems to work on server3

This is pretty annoying because there's literally nobody ever on server3 (less people even than server2)

#16 Main Forum » BUG - - Eve Chain Does NOT Work » 2023-08-05 17:57:40

Replies: 3

I've repeatedly attempted to spawn near my body as an eve on server 2.

I have dug a well, placed a home marker and survived until 60, dying of old age.

Each time I do not spawn anywhere near my bones and my crave remains wild foods only.

#17 Re: Main Forum » How Do You Eve Chain? » 2023-08-05 15:30:48

TheSamWish wrote:

If you span as an Eve and live to old age, you will spawn next to your bones if you get Eve again. If you spawn as someone's kid it won't break your chain. You don't need a home marker.

I recall that happened once and I respawned right beside my body (in the same screen).

I lived to old age like 20 lives on server2 and this never happened once.

My crave also was stuck at the eve level the entire time.

#18 Main Forum » How Do You Eve Chain? » 2023-08-05 01:30:24

Replies: 3

I had thought if you died of old age, near a home marker, on an empty server you would respawn near your body at gen 2.

This appears to not be the case.

I can't seem to find any formal documentation on this mechanism.

How do you do this?

#19 Main Forum » Apoc too easy on small servers (it should be removed) » 2023-08-04 20:44:48

Replies: 2

Someone recently wiped server1.

The server was basically empty other than a small amount of stuff built by myself and others.

That said, apoc on small servers is basically just griefing and renders solo servers basically unplayable.

Since Apocalypse is basically impossible to pull off on big servers (despite them actually needing it) the

mechanism is basically pointless and should be removed.

#20 Re: Main Forum » Solo Servers Need Food Decay/Crave Chain » 2023-07-27 10:40:53

Brohop wrote:

if you eve chain

How do you eve chain?

I live till 60 every life, die and just spawn as a new eve every time. Same eve cravings.

#21 Main Forum » Solo Servers Need Food Decay/Crave Chain » 2023-07-27 09:04:16

Replies: 3

When playing on server1 the crave chain never reaches anything complex.
Mainly wild foods, mushrooms and basic vegetables.

There is also no food decay like with long generations.

While I enjoy solo play, this makes the game too easy.
There is also literally no motivation to cook complex foods cutting off much of the gameplay.

If there was some way that you could spawn as your own child at 3yo, on top of your own bones, this would be ideal.

Starting at 3yo would also increase difficulty and provide the extra 10m or so till death.

#22 Main Forum » JASON SHOULD RUN EXPERIMENTS ON BIG SERVER1 » 2023-07-27 08:54:17

Replies: 4

I've always been fairly impressed with OHOL but I, like many others, think there can still be improvements in core gameplay.

To that effect, I think Jason should occasionally enact major changes to core gameplay elements in order to see what happens.

If players really don't like it, they can always jump to server2.

Tiny little modifications could completely change the nature of game.

One thing is certain: The game cannot continue to grow if core elements remains the same.

#23 Main Forum » INTERESTING SOLO GAMEPLAY: Smaller Families/Greater Spread is BETTER » 2023-07-27 08:43:35

Replies: 3

Firstly, yes I am Forman you may have seen my name before and I  have clocked at least 1000 probably 2000+ hours in OHOL.

Recently I started playing on Server1 which is mainly empty.
I went from eve to top tier tech in about 12 lives over a couple days.

When I came back later to see if I could locate my base (I did) I noticed several new bases and bodies around.
It had been about 2-3 irl days since I played last, and when I located my base, I could tell other players had been there.
Possibly 2-3 different people or 1 person for 3 lives.

Having done this, I realize this style of gameplay is at LEAST fairly new to OHOL (far as I know) and, in my opinion, superior.

There is a great mystery in this new, empty server. When someone does show up as your child, or a random roaming eve, it is exciting.
I think if the family algorithm was adjusted such that families did not exceed, say, 5 players the game, it would be better.

This is not to say that multiple families could not band together to form large cities.
Languages would ACTUALLY MATTER and exploration/navigation would be more important.

I've mentioned several times that NOMADIC playstyle is a good eve strategy and also fun.
I think mechanics should be adjusted such that bases are viewed as temporary, and that families may easily migrate across the map.

Spitting out many more families/eves would naturally unlock more iron/wells and partially started camps for families to move through.
I also think the biome band size should be expand 2-3x larger, possibly even 10x in order to put emphasis on family migration.

In this case if a family progresses to the rubber stage, they may have to migrate over generations, carrying the resources in order to unlock this tech.
And yes, I think this would actually be FUN. The current state of 10-20 people globbing in 50gen bases is ridiculously easy and basically pointless.

#24 Re: Main Forum » Should Be Able To Choose Birth Family (from a list) » 2023-07-22 23:45:33

As a player who has sunk in 1000s of hours at this point, I will say there are MANY reasons to not want to play in a particular town.

To be honest, I don't much like playing in any town unless its gen1 maybe gen3-4.

The main reason is that they are so frequently designed poorly.
Forcing someone to play in a particular town is essentially forcing them to clean up your mess.
I don't want to live in your mess, I don't want clean up your mess.

I would rather eve then deal with other people's messes. Even if that means playing on a solo server.

#25 Re: Main Forum » Score Should be Based on Total Hours Played » 2023-07-17 21:47:55

Tarr wrote:

I could very well see something goofy happening where someone is making a bunch of useless clay dice or worse someone just making and repeatedly smashing engines for points. Things will always be gamed by the players one way or another.

Already considered that which is why I mentioned the points only go up when the object is consumed/used by another.
Food is the simplest but this could apply to tools or engines.

Yes there are probably exploits but we could certainly plug them.
Most trolls are not willing to invest that much time in greifing and are honestly not likely very smart either.

The thing is it would take too much work to build it like that I'd rather Jason just fix the most pressing matters as simply as possible.

Removing SID subtraction makes sense, yes. I still think total hours played is a good enough solution.

Or multiply the current score system against total hours played or put a threshold with exponential growth/decay somewhere where the two variables overlap.

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