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#1 Re: News » Update: Black Wall » 2020-03-02 04:12:29

Thank you for remodelling tool slots, it makes a big difference!

#2 Re: Main Forum » hetuw mode » 2020-03-01 15:44:31

Thank you for updating the mod so quickly <3 It's the best and I got really scared when it didn't work the other day.

#3 Re: Main Forum » Jason you have an SID Problem » 2020-02-19 03:58:13

These are the 3 reasons I've concluded that people /die.

1) The gender they were born. Your genetic score and settlement have a better chance at success when you're born female. If you just want to learn or build things or goof around then being a man is better.

2) Where they were born. They are looking for a certain settlement. They want to be born in the same village as their last life so they can be with the friends they made. They want or don't want to be in a new settlement. They don't want to have to revive a dead/dying settlement.

3) What race they were born. With race limitations there's no reason to be pale, why not /die and be reborn a more useful race? If you want to make rubber, /die until you're born the race capable of getting the ingredients.

My suggestions to help prevent a surplus of /die.

Make being a man have more of a purpose, if men are more resilient/strong, maybe give them the ability to work in the restricted biomes if they have XYZ. Move faster and use less food when carrying heavy objects like dug rocks. Use less food meter for hungry work. Give them more tool slots. Let men get 'married' and have married men also spawn babies. Men will be able to keep a village alive when all the females have died or they are no longer fertile.

Like the life limits and curse token, add a couple of opportunities to be respawned in the same family as their last life provided there is still a fertile female in the area (or married man if going by my above suggestion). Lower the life limit so that /die has more of an impact on your lives and you can't spam it without running out of lives.

As suggested on many of the threads regarding race restrictions, give other races the ability to work in the restricted biomes, just make it harder and require they have special food, clothes, tech, etc. before they can work in the biome, have them use more food meter in those biomes. Give pales their own biome so there's actually a reason to be that race. Make Horses spawn in more than the desert, make different breeds of horses for different biomes or make it so you can breed horses once you have one. Make it a bit harder than breeding livestock so there's some challenge but still achievable.

Right now there are no consequences for spamming /die. I don't think the option should be removed but I do think it needs to be limited so there's more reason to live with the life you were given and less justifiable reasons to do it.

#4 Re: Main Forum » I hate specializations update. » 2020-02-18 13:48:29

I've played for a couple of days worth of lives now, and every life I attempt to dedicate that life to learning at least one new skill. What I want to learn in a certain life may not happen due to the stage of civilization the family is in and what is needed to be done to help progress the area. I've learned most of the basics and am ready to learn more intermediate things like pumps, and I've recently realized my limitations based on whatever race I'm born to and it really sucks. I've spawned in promising villages that were on the verge of extinction, all because they're missing rubber and the people who go looking for a bell town never come back. I get making it a struggle, but humanity has been to nearly every place on earth, their race never mattered, it doesn't make sense to completely restrict people from getting somewhere due to being the wrong race.

Making it harder for some races to enter X biome makes much more sense. Require they have special clothes, food, tech, whatever, but stopping players and from progressing dead in their tracks just ruins a lot of the fun. Wasting my life because I screw something up is one thing, wasting my life because it's impossible to progress further is infuriating. I really do love this game and its concept, it would be great to see more custom servers pop up (and stay up) that keep with an updated tech tree but removes these game stopping features.

#5 Re: Main Forum » Tool slot and race restriction overhaul suggestions » 2020-02-18 06:47:13

pein wrote:

drop the whole shit, add stamina, each job requires stamina so asking others to help would be required
refilling stamina would consume special foods, some foods would be good to fill hunger but bad for stamina, some would be good for energy but not for food
other effects of working like jobs which could produce different results based on you strength, working a lot would increase strength

I like this idea.

When starting a new settlement it's incredibly frustrating to run out of tool slots. It makes no sense to be unable to learn something because I've already learned XYZ, especially when some tools are needed to progress to others. If I can use a spindle and make yarn why can't I use the loom or knitting needles? When learning how to make clothes I spent my life learning the whole process of husbandry and then at old age when I had finally gotten ready to make clothes, I couldn't use the loom or knitting needles because I was out of tools slots. Life wasted.

I get that it gives a purpose to the genetic fitness leaderboards, so we can get extra tool slots and it makes it more competitive to play but I consider this a life simulator and there's no limit to how much you can learn in life, it really makes no sense to me.

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