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#1 2020-05-18 09:13:26

Blue tinker
Registered: 2020-03-31
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Letter tech tree bug

I've been messing with the letter on signs mechanics recently and I've noticed that the amount of skewers the tech tree says are needed and the amount of skewers needed if you calculate the cost letter by letter are different.

The tech tree tells you that you need more skewers than you actually need (in many cases) and I think that's because it treats letter stock piles used to make one kind of letter as a whole and if there are any letter stocks left on a pile, they are ignored and therefore go to waste while the algorythm takes another pile of three into consideration.

I am not sure of it though. For example if you want to make a sign saying 'KOKO' it costs in reality 6 letter stocks so 2 skewers.
The tech tree says it's four skewers.

Since it's not a problem with the game itself I didn't know where to report it and that's why this thread now exists.

New to the forum but not the game. Property fence enthusiast.


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