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#1 2020-03-22 14:55:53

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I think "HOMESICK" system is broken

Last gameplay,I got "HOMESICK" when I was coming to home
And I got "HOME"  when I was going from home,it's upside down

Sorry my poor english.
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#2 2020-03-23 00:02:03

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Re: I think "HOMESICK" system is broken

It's seemed to work correctly for me so far...

I did notice a HOMESICK on my way back to town, when I got close, but that could either be getting close, or more likely I was home then not home on my path back.

But the emote only shows near the boundary, so it makes sense you see both near the edge only.


#3 2020-03-29 05:30:23

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Re: I think "HOMESICK" system is broken

My first life was with a ginger family, we didnt get quite to process the iron we had when we noticed dry springs nearby, so i went to investigate. Found a dug well and camp but completely dead of a diff fam, grabbed shovel and brought back to camp, and dug our well. No matter what we did we were still homesick near this well. The iron sites had opened up but homesickness persisted. Homesickness is definitely bugged. (This was our only well, and i confirmed all online players of our fam were present with hetuw)

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