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#126 2019-12-15 14:45:17

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Re: Coming soon: voluntary leadership

jcwick wrote:

This thread has been a pretty wild ride though. I'm not sure I've ever seen an idea come from a player, get highlighted by a/the dev, have it go through rigorous hole-poking from much of the active forum community, and get released in a pretty tidily designed form only 7 calendar days after the initial idea post.

I'm totally mentioning it in my resume if I ever want to be hired as the idea guy, lol. Thanks, Jason :)

boggers wrote:

I wanted to throw an idea out there from an old RTS project I worked on. We had a similar setup where each player would choose their leader, and the server would figure out military ranks for everyone. Ranks came with real in game advantages, higher ranks could requisition team resources, and there was a functional chain of command where you would receive strategic commands from the player you followed, and issue commands to your followers.

Oh, interesting! Jason also added an order system a few hours after the main update. How did orders work in your game?


#127 2019-12-15 15:56:39

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Re: Coming soon: voluntary leadership

boggers wrote:

I wanted to throw an idea out there from an old RTS project I worked on.

Boggers could you tell me the name of this game?

Killing a griefer kills him for 10 minutes, Cursing him kills him for 30 Days.

4 curses kill him for all of us,  Mass Cursing bring us Peace! Please Curse!
Food value stats


#128 2019-12-15 22:31:38

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Re: Coming soon: voluntary leadership

FulmenTheFinn wrote:

Nice triple-post @jcwilk. In all seriousness, this forum badly needs multi-quote functionality, and a number of other QoL features that makes replying to multiple posts or points within one reply a hell of a lot easier. Excluding the graphics, you'd think this board was put up in 1995.

Hah, sorry... I get a bit lazy with things when posting from my phone, and yeah agreed. Trying to do anything fancy at all from a phone on these forums feels like doing surgery left handed.


#129 2019-12-19 04:51:42

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Re: Coming soon: voluntary leadership

Using a hoe on dirt with no effect is broken, regardless of how many piles are there.  It feels like a bug, even if its not.  At least make it take 2 tills, so it doesn't feel like a mistake.  Please.  Don't worry about hurting poor noobs feelings, our mothers will teach us the right amount to use, whether its 1, 2 or 3.  There are lots of things in this game that chase noobs away, tilling 2 piles of soil is not one of them.

Edit: Somehow replying to a soil topic replied to this one?  Awkward...

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#130 2019-12-19 07:12:44

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Re: Coming soon: voluntary leadership

jasonrohrer wrote:

The 2 soil till was always kinda wasteful, because you clearly have a bowl, so why not split it?  I guess you might be saving iron or skewers

No, the 2 soil till wasn't wasteful.  Yes, you did save on iron, making kindling, time forging, branch collection, or skewers.  But also, 2 soil saved on composting and/or running for soil in soil pits over the 3 soil till.  On top of that it would take a griefer longer to till soil if they used 2 soil tilling than 3, and for all I know, a griefer trying to waste things through soil might have only known about 2 soil tilling.  2 soil or 1 soil is better than 3 soil or 1 soil.  I suspect that the people complaining about not being able to farm in the arctic would prefer not to be able to farm in the arctic and have the 2 soil or 1 soil system instead of the 3 soil or 1 soil system.  The 2 soil or 1 soil system is also less fragile to griefing since griefers would have to spread the soil out some.

Additionally, people were talking about farming in the arctic, I think, not only because it was aesthetically pleasing, but because arctic buildings had an advantage with respect to heat and wanted to keep farms close to the heat to cut down on time outside in colder areas.  Namely, it was easy to make indoor animal pens (which are possible elsewhere... but costs more), as fug's picture shows:  They wanted arctic farming, I think, to keep the farms close to heated areas.

At least, that's my guess.  If I'm wrong on that, perhaps fug or someone else can correct me.


#131 2019-12-19 14:00:46

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Re: Coming soon: voluntary leadership

miskas wrote:

Boggers could you tell me the name of this game?

It was just a little mod for a game called Savage, never released to the public because too many bugs, but the ranking system worked. In Savage, the team captains played a top down RTS, but the units were all other players playing an FPS.


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